shiro no sekai
beauty + tranquility

First 3 photos are mine, the above images of the products are from yumiko iihoshi porcelain.

Yumiko Iihoshi's atelier is my recent favourite space in Tokyo. She has recently opened her atelier in Jiyugaoka as a gallery/shop 3 days a week. Simplicity, tranquility and beauty are all in there, a perfect box to contain her beautiful tableware. Yumiko-san is such a lovely person and that was no surprise to me at all looking at her delicate and sensuous pieces.

yumiko iihoshi porcelain
1-14-7-B Midorigaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo 1520034
open: normally on weekends only but changes every month.
This shop/atelier has closed.


  1. Love the colors of the tableware! Want it for my house.

  2. Really beautiful~ looks like somewhere where I can just sit there and relax~~

  3. Ah Hiki ! This looks so cool and calm.

  4. wow beautiful! Very pretty colors!

  5. i love her work!
    very cool that she has opened up a space so close to you.
    if you are in the area of 稲荷町 you should check out that cafe i went to (itonowa cafe) which uses her ceramics. i think that last photo might just be from that cafe.

  6. this looks really beautiful!

  7. It's so beautiful!!!Thank you for sharing!

  8. So pretty and simple...peaceful. I love those dark pieces.

  9. I miss visiting your blog, miss those simple yet beautiful places that you go. Makes me missing Japan as always. :)

  10. Valéry Lorenzo,
    Oh that's no nice to hear! Thank you ;)

    Yes I do too. Simple and lovely!

    I love the colours too, and I'd want to have all of them in my place!

    Lavender Playground,
    Yes, the artist Yumiko-san gave us a cup of tea each while we enjoyed looking at her beautiful pieces! I could spend hours there, not that she'd be so happy! hehe

    Yes it is a really lovely space, so nice and calm!

    Aren't these colours pretty? So nice and subtle... The space itself was really beautiful too!

    I would love to visit itonowa cafe! If only it wasn't that far away... You would love her atelier, I guess you will have the chance to visit when you move to Tokyo!!! ;)

    oh marie I think you would LOVE this space! I can tell!!!

    thank you lovely! i'm glad you like it ;)

    Yes those dark coloured ones were lovely too. Each piece has slightly different colouring and that was also nice!

    oh that's sweet. you will have to come back to tokyo!! by the way, i spoke with the lady from ikanika and she said you were so pretty!! ;)

  11. what lovely pieces - so simple and elegant.
    thanks for posting this - i'd like to try & go there when i go back to japan :)

  12. i love the photos you took so much!

  13. this porcelain is so beautiful.
    greetings Lisa

  14. yours and ebony's blogs make me miss tokyo too much!
    i have to stop reading.

  15. oh that looks like a lovely place!

  16. I really love these photos. It all looks so calm and fresh. Your blog always inspires me!

  17. Gorgeous! and so different!
    Love from gini

  18. Mary,
    Oh I'm sure you will love this place and her pieces! And you know you will have a special guide to take you there when you are in Tokyo ;)

    hahaha, yes....well i hope at least our blogs will make you feel you are traveling here somehow. you have to come back!!

    Sandra, underwerket / Lisa Grue, Barbara, Amber, gini!
    Thank you so much, i'm happy you like them!

  19. so beautiful!!!!
    I'd love to go there and buy some stuff!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)