Thank you so much for lovely positive comments on my previous post for B&W shots! Now I can't wait to load another B&W film and start shooting more on B&W again.
The strong summer lights and shadows come out really nicely I think. I used Fuji NEOPAN 1600 Super PRESTO for these shots, the contrast came out quite strong (of course i didn't retouch any of these). If you have any good B&W films you can recommend I'd love to hear and try!

Have a lovely weekend everyone ;)

P.S. I went to this wonderful band's really fun show at a sweet little "kurashikku kissa" (classic tea house) in Asagaya with lovely Ebo-chan today. You should check out this post on Hello Sandwich!


  1. Beautiful Hiki!
    This is a great inspiration!

  2. this is so so lovely. i need to remember to do this sometime.

  3. This set of black and white photos are really lovely.

  4. I am such a fan of B&W and your picture are so inspriring, Hiki! I´ll try to do the same here, although we have winter now, the sun shines almost everyday! :-) Have a nice weekend!

  5. These sure are some treasures!

  6. you have such a nice blog so glad i found you!

  7. I love those photos , I just discovered your blog but I will definetely follow you

  8. These are gorgeous Hiki-chan! And I love Asagaya now! I'm keen to go back there exploring to those cute cafes and bars we wanted to visit!
    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  9. Beautiful pictures. Love the atmosphere.

  10. wow. how inspiring. i love the harsh shadows and light on b&w. gorgeous. :::

  11. There is really nothing like black and white; colour is in a way just in our imagination. Strange and facinating to think about. Really good photographs.

  12. Oh i'm in love with b&w... there's something magical! this are great :)

  13. wow i love the 'cake' sign in the second photo.
    and i LVOe these black and white photos. oh i just love black&whites in general!

  14. Elisabelle,
    I would love to see your b&w shots - they'd be wonderful!

    cinta / sepi / sayu,
    thank you, it's such a refreshing experiment you should try it too ;)

    Lavender Playground,
    Thank you, it's nice for a change isn't it :)

    Lucky you being in a cold weather! (i say this because it is really really hot here) I like b&w shots in winter too which i will definitely try when winter finally arrives!

    THANK YOU! :)

    See Hear Say,
    I'm so happy you found me too! thank you!

    The shadows are cool in that first pic aren't they!

    Thank you, I'm happy you found me too!

    Arigatou--! I can't wait till Monday when we go back to Asagaya together!

    Thank you so much, b&w photos do make really nice atmosphere!

    yes i think the harsh shadows and light on b&w turned out really nicely, expressing this extreme heat of tokyo!

    Yes I agree with what you say! I just didn't realise that so much before I took these on b&w!

    I think I will keep shooting on b&w more now!

    Yes that "cake" sign is nice isn't it! B&W photos are really lovely!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)