ume-shu making
The horrible rainy season has finished and the real Japanese summer has settled. Hot, very hot. I hope I can survive it. I really do!


  1. so glad it's less humid in tokyo now.
    these are stunning. so summery!
    after trying commercial plum wine i can only imagine how gorgeous your homemade wine must be!!!

  2. Courage with the heat, very very hot here too !

  3. I was there this time last year and my face melted off! I spent a few days in Kyoto too, where the heat seemed to get trapped and seemed nearly unbearable! Nothing a speed 4 on a senpuki won't fix, haha.
    ps. Sweet photos!

  4. Lovely photos - such vivid colours!
    Shall we do an exchange? You can send me some of your summer blaze and I'll send you some of my winter iciness :)

  5. i can only imagine what it's like in tokyo now; it's even hot up here in nagano!
    i'm dreading going back to super hot HK!

    are you removing the little stumps (the stems) on the ume?
    i'd so love to try your umeshu on the rocks!

  6. ganbatte hiki-chan! air con and magicool are the only ways we can get through this humidity! xxx

  7. Your photos are always so beautiful ! Bon courage to endure heat. In Paris, it's a little cooler today...

  8. Remember the heat in Tokyo this time of year...Seems it is hot everywhere...even here in north...Love it even it makes suffer a bit..
    Lovely,lovely photos...

  9. Love this set hiki!
    Are you up for flowers next on "hello hiki"? :)

  10. beautiful images! im glad your rainy season is over, but now for the heat!!? がんばってひきさん!! i have yet to feel this infamous tokyo heatwave :-P
    i love that picture of pickling the plums, i add it on my tumblr :-)

  11. Beautiful photos you have here! It's next best to actually being in Japan. It's a REALLY warm summer in Tokyo this year so take care and keep cool!

  12. Mary,
    well, it is less humid but still we have quite a high humidity and the heat is extreme!
    i'm so happy to hear you tried the umeshu (plum wine) while in japan, and yes i wish i could let you taste my homemade one!!

    I'm still hanging in here! Hope you are well!!!

    Oh no, summer is never the time to come visit Tokyo! Yes I hear Kyoto and Osaka is even worse and I wish I went there before the summer settled in! phew! (Senpuki is keeping me alive!)

    Danya Ristić,
    Oooo just by hearing your word "winter iciness" seemed so soothing, well for about 2 seconds.... haha, but yes i would love to see your lovely winter shot!!!

    it must get nice and cool in the evening in nagano, here in tokyo it's dreadful night and day.... but well HK! it might beat tokyo??? (scary!)

    and, oh yes removing the stems on the ume is what you are supposed to do when making umeshu. i think it is to avoid the stems getting rotten or something?

    i saw magicool at the LOFT yesterday, it looked good and i nearly bought it but i didn't. and now i regret it!

    Thank you! I will try!!! Hope you enjoy lovely summer in Paris!

    Once again, summer is never the time to come and visit Tokyo! the north parts have cool evenings even getting hot during the day. I wish i could escape to the north!!

    summer looks lovely in the photos, but feels yucky!

    i bet your summer is lovely and cool!!!

    atsui, atsui, atsui yooooooo!
    but arigato, i will try to survive.

    Cookie Cutter,
    Yes REALLY "warm". VERY warm indeed. i'm trying my best to keep cool!! thank you ;)

  13. ...a little late for this post, but the plums look lovely & fresh... And do you know that your little angel on the first picture is exactly the same as on my family's Christmas traditional chime? It's powered by the heat of candles behind it, there are three of those angels in fact, and when they turn around they knock into little metallic sticks that cling... Your terribly hot summer reminds me my cold Christmas!

  14. you take such lovely photos! I love the ones of the ume. I thought about trying to make umeshu this year, but I think it's gotten a bit late now. Maybe next year...

  15. I cook lots of great recipes with berries, same as your way. That last photograph is excellent and really impressive. I never capture photographs in evening or morning time.


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