The new issue of ku:nel magazine is out now! The main copy of this new issue is "Greens by the windows" and it features lovely interior and outdoor greens used in many beautiful homes. So inspiring!

ku:nel vol.45 can be purchased here in my shop :)



  1. I've just discovered you blog and I love it ! I am coming to Japan for a week (only a week!) in September, so I will be checking out your older posts for addresses and things to see. I will order the KuNel 44 about Kyoto on your site - for preparation purposes and also because I've always wanted to get some Japanese interior magazines (I already have a few sewing ones and will be looking fro more when I'm there). And if you have any recommendations on where to stay either in Tokyo or Kyoto, they would be much appreciated! Thanks for all these lovely images.

  2. Hi Hiki
    So glad to find you too! I love Japanese style inspired blogs. Your one is great. I have left you a beautiful blogger award over at my blog, Now you too, can pass it on to 10 of your favourite bloggers!

  3. i couldn't have enough of ku:nel ever!!
    i really like the kyoto issue and i start to dream of the new trip to there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i'm so looking forward to receiving my copy :)

  5. this looks like a great issue!!! with a cat AND plants on the front...perfect. haha

  6. Thank you for your birthday wish hiki, you are the best.
    Japanese magazines looks so much more interesting then ours!

  7. hi is a really nice issue isnt it.has a bit of the older kunel feeling.i was close to buying it but decided i either study japanese or stop buying magazines and books i cant read i have waaay too many of them already.hope you are finding effective ways to avoid heatstroke ;-)

  8. caroline,
    thank you! i don't really know much about good places to stay in tokyo, but "kangaroo hotel" which i recently discovered looks quite nice. tokyo is huge, so i think it would be best to decide which area to stay depending which area you want to explore most. in kyoto, there are many many hotels and i find it hard to pick every time i go there, but i tend to choose one that is close to the station and convenient!

    Amber Greene,
    hello! i'm glad you found me too :) thank you for the award, too!!

    yes the kyoto issue was so good wasn't it! and it came out only a few days before i went to kyoto!! i hope you will be able to get there soon ;)

    yes i really hope it gets to you soon!!! enjoy ;)

    yes, a cat AND plants - best things ever dayone?

    I was so surprised see an order coming from you!!! I will ship it soon, hope you will enjoy :)

    hi melinda hope you are well despite the heat!
    the recent issues of ku:nel seem to be getting better, yes like the older ones i wonder if the editior has changed or something...
    you can perhaps take all your old magazines to both our favourite bookstore in gakugeidaigaku! i always think the same but never get round to it....

  9. i bought this issue too. love that guy drinking the tea.


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