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tea tins
tea room

This will be the last post on Kyoto (finally). Random but nicely connected shots of lines and shapes of Kyoto. This city kept me so busy with my camera everywhere. It was wonderful. The best shopping I did in Kyoto this time was the copper tea caddy (chazutsu) from the oldest chazutsu maker in Japan called Kaikado. Beautiful chazutsu I had always wanted to own one day, was brought home from their head shop and I am so pleased! I will be enjoying the changes this lovely chazutsu will create after many months and years :)


  1. As always, such delicate fine lines in the photos..quainty nice shops which makes me yearn for another trip again. :)

  2. lovely lovely lovely! what a beautiful copper piece, the it changes over time is so special:) and where is that last photo?? ii ne!! looks like a glass house??

  3. Beautiful! I love the stained glass in the third picture. And what a nice concept about the chazutsu--something that is meant to age elegantly... increasingly rare when we almost expect products these days to be disposable.

  4. Wow, stumbled across your blog for the first time. Super awesome!

  5. reiz, thank you! kyoto is really lovely, it's a great change for me everytime i go there. at the moment, tokyo is so humid and unbelievably uncomfortable, I think you came at the right time!

    Bree, Yes that copper piece is just so beautiful! Everyday I rub it hoping it will get more beautiful :) the last photo is from a cafe at printz! it was lovely!!!!!

    Jen, oh you are so sweet to say that but kyoto is just perfectly photogenic!!

    sanbiki, hello there! yes, I hope my copper chazutsu will age beautifully for years and years. These days I tend to question whether I can use it for at least 30 years when buying something where this choice available!

    Shinya, hello and thank you for finding my blog :) So glad you like it!

  6. These are so beautiful. I miss Japan.

  7. So beautiful Hiki!!
    Loved following you in Kyoto!
    The last photo of the glass house (?) is enchanting!

  8. gorgeous set of photographs! oh, i want to go to kyoto!!!!

  9. thanks hiki!
    me too, me too!
    i haven´t been here for a while- so much beauty!

  10. cerebral e, Galit, mieke willems and Ritva,
    Thank you thank you! I'm so happy that you enjoyed my Kyoto posts. Yes Kyoto is a beautiful city!!!

  11. So wonderful...I would love to travel to Japan on day


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