I'm sorry I've been so slow updating blog lately, I still have more to share about my now-seems-like-ages-ago Kyoto trip, and there is a couple of other things I've been wanting to share here but things have been keeping me busy.

One of the things I've been definitely meaning to post about is "the" Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide Zine. (I got an exclusive hard cover copy with my name stamped on it!) It's been talked about everywhere and I'm pretty sure most of you have already heard about this excellent piece of work of Ebony's, or many of you probably have got a copy but if you haven't this is your lucky day to find out about it!! Seriously, if you love Tokyo or if you plan to come to Tokyo you have got to have this super kawaii fantastic Tokyo Guide by a super sweet girl Ebo-chan who is about to come and move to Tokyo!! She even included some useful Japanese expressions, travel tips and the railway/subway maps too so you don't even need a lonelyplanet but a HELLO SANDWICH TOKYO GUIDE!

Believe me, YOU'VE GOT TO GET IT. And be quick, because it's selling really fast!


  1. YOU. ARE. SO. CUTE. HIKI-CHAN! See you in a few days! OMG! xxx

  2. i've seen this cool book on a few peoples blogs now; well done to Ebony!
    to tell the truth i've always wanted to do something like this for shopping; shopping for guys.
    she's an inspiration!

  3. it does look lovely, hiki! thanks for sharing. i've been meaning to ask you, would you be interested in doing an interview for hunt / gather?

  4. i need to get my hands on this soon enough!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)