Everyone asks me if I went for a swim at the lovely Okinawan beach and when I say I didn't they all seem either disappointed or startled. I guess most people who holiday in Okinawa would go there for beaches and scuba diving. Well not me. It wasn't hot enough anyway.

If I get asked what I enjoyed most in Okinawa, it definitely would have to be "potteries" and yes when I say that people look at me like "what is she talking about?" but that's alright I understand. (Or rather it's them who don't understand, I think.)

OK, so Yachimun Pottery Village (Yachimun no Sato) is "the" place I highly recommend to go to if you are ever in Okinawa. ("Yachimun" means "pottery" -yakimono- in Okinawan dialect apparently!) It's located in Yomitan in the central Okinawa main island, and is a lovely little village where many local artisans gathered along and have their own atelier/galleries in and around. The above photos are one of the kilns from Yachimun no Sato (it's huge!) which various artisans share and is fired once every two months. The red tiled roofs are typically seen in Okinawa, the contrast between these red tiled roofs and the green in the background were really nice, it was so calming.

I found this article about Yachimun no Sato written in English, so if you are interested you can learn more about it.


  1. This looks like such an interesting place! I'm not much for sitting on the beach either... I'd rather explore a bit.

    I just got your comment on my giveaway and wanted to let you know that you're not too late! I'm so glad you entered, and thank you for your comment on my necklaces. Everyone's feedback will help me in designing new items for my shop. Have a great weekend!

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  2. It looks like an interesting place, heading over to the article to check it out now..

  3. Yomitan is very cool. I prefer pottery over swimming, too--especially since it was pretty chilly and windy both times my family visited Okinawa (in April).

  4. Hey there! So I just happened to stumble across your blog and I must say, it's so so excellent :) I love areas like this in Japan; it feels so... I don't know, refreshing!

  5. Oh I totally hear you! It's definetely THEY who don't get it! ;) I think the place sounds amazing and so much more interesting then a beach..

    Thank you for your lovely turquoise pics, I've just made the post :)

  6. Hi again, hiki! I just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my giveaway:

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  7. i so wouldn't give you an odd look if you said you loved the pottery in okinawa. i have a soft spot for pottery so will make a mental note of this place for when i ever get to go to okinawa.
    have you ever been to mashiko? (益子。栃木県にある). it's a great little town full of amazing galleries. i put a few photos on my blog about this place if you wanna check it out.

  8. thank you all!! i'm sure you will all love this place if you go there!! so nice and relaxing....

    and sekimachihato, yes i love mashiko! i have friends who live in utsunomiya (tochigi) so i've been there a few times. i always want to go back there but it's hard to get there without a car and i don't drive so... :(


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