Gallery Kiya is my favourite pottery atelier/gallery in Yachimun Pottery Village. Like so many other places, they offered us free tea and we sat on the balcony, it was so lovely that we forgot about the time and stayed there for a long time. This atelier is owned by an old Okinawan potter and his works are displayed everywhere, on the shelves and on the floors inside and out. There were so many that I wanted to take home, but after a long consideration I decided to get some lovely turquoise cups that remind me of Okinawan sea. You can see them here on this post Ulrika just made :)


  1. waou i love them it looks so organic almost alive!!
    talk soon

  2. Such interesting photos, and oh, those turquoise cups!!

  3. It looks like a very relaxing place. I especially like the second photo, very well done =)

  4. what great stuff!!
    and he own a cat, even better!

  5. Oh lovely !
    Turquoise is always good in a home !

  6. what a beautiful craft! i love the village pictures too!

  7. The light in your photos is beautiful, so crisp and clean! I love it!

    You're blog has rekindled my love of Japan. Thank you!

  8. oh my, those are beautiful. i would love to live there, haha

  9. Oh those cups are absolutely gorgeous! I saw the "hello hiki" post a while ago and was wondering where they were from... What a unique store/place!

  10. oh, Okinawa !
    Lovely Yakimonos...

    I went to Mashiko's potter festival last week
    as every year.
    That was nice too.

  11. gini, they look great don't they and yes they look organic and almost alive i agree!!
    hope you are well dear!

    Danya, yes those turquoise cups are what I took home with me! :)

    Lavender Playground, thank you! it surely was a really relaxing place!

    sekimachihato, well that cat is not owned, he just walked in and nobody seemed to care. he later went into a cupboard and started to nap in there!

    Marion, yes i love having a dash of turquoise in a home :)

    Aron, this village was really lovely. do you have something like this in hawaii? i imagine there would be though.

    Erica Lulu, thank you for stopping by! and your comment made me smile thank you :)

    sun., oh yes i would love to live there too! i can sit and read on the balcony for the whole afternoon!

    Brit, yep this is where they came from!! the wind blew in so nicely and it was a really lovely place!

    marika, i love mashiko! i haven't been to the pottery fest though.... now i want to go back there again!!

    CafebyJW, thank you :)

  12. such a beautiful place! thank you for the visit!

  13. nathalie et cetera, thank you for your visit too!!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)