So this is going to be my last post on Okinawa (finally!). Just some random photos and some thoughts to share here.

3 days in Okinawa went just too fast but it was wooonderful. Apart from all the fun I had in those 3 days I must admit that there was a lot I thought and felt about Okinawa and that was mostly related to the large presence of the US on the entire island, even after close to 40 years since being officially returned to Japan. 18% of the Okinawa main island is occupied by the U.S. military forces, that is an enormous amount of land.

Visiting Okinawa for the first time and being not used to seeing all these in real life, it felt quite strange to me that the US military corps facilities and vehicles/aircrafts are just about everywhere to be seen when travelling around the Okinawa Main Island. Sometimes I wondered if I was really in Japan... I would not go too much into this here but it indeed felt very odd. And sad.
I just hope there will be a happy solution to this beautiful Okinawa soon.



  1. I love these shots Hiki, they are so warm !!

  2. these are really excellent images hiki!
    the first 2 shots especially are almost hyper real.
    shame i can't make it down as far as okinawa.
    ps. thanks for your email.

  3. What is the thing in the second photo? Is it an exbihit or is it just abondoned there? Just wondering.

  4. it looks so beautiful - i hope a solution about the military base can be made soon!

  5. that blue of the sea... *sigh*

    did i mention before that i saw a japanese film called "megane - glasses" some time ago, set on okinawa. such a beautiful little story. if you can get your hands on a DVD you should so see it...

  6. Really beautiful Hiki but yes very sad about the military presence. Your images are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. great photos!! is sad how our US military government takes over everything :-(

  8. Marion, merci!! the light was really special in okinawa!

    Mary, well even for me living in japan it took a looooooong time to finally make it down there, and i was only there for 3 days but you'd need a week there i'd say! you will love it though.
    how's your travel plan coming along?

    Lavender Playground, I think that thing is just left there not abandoned, and it's for carrying a boat or something i would think??

    marie, it was beautiful! this beach was right in front of our hotel. and yes, let's hope for a good solution for the military base..

    kristina, yes yes i love the movie "megane"! that island is called "yoron-to" and it's actually not in okinawa though is very close to it. that is another place i wand to go to!

    Justine, thank you dear! everything in okinawa was so photogenic and the light was really good so my photos came out nicely i think :)

    Aron, yes yes.... i'm angry not just for the US military government but also to our government who doesn't really care about okinawan people's feelings!

  9. I too hope for a good solution to the Futenma problem, soon--this has gone on too long.

  10. these make me miss the beach! lovely

  11. I really enjoy your blog.
    best regards from copenhagen

  12. Love these shots.

  13. I love the tea cups!

    I truly hope not all politicians are a-holes and see what really matters.

  14. The Hausfrau, yes it's terrible isn't it, it can't go on for much longer!

    Michelle, i hope you will be able to go back to the beach soon! :)

    underwerket / Lisa Grue, thank you!! so nice to have you visiting my blog:)

    ofthemorning, i'm happy that you do!

    ai-san, yes those tea cups were gorgeous! and i really wonder if there will ever be a hope in our government....*sigh*

  15. The shots are gorgeous! The blue skies and sea.

  16. wa---
    What kind of film did you use??

  17. I just found your blog and it's absolutely beautiful! Great photos and content. So gentle and elegant :)


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