Friday, 19 March 2010

Still longing for the Sakura Season

The official sakura blooming forecast date for Tokyo is set on the 24th, but it seems a lot further. I'm getting really sick of this cold weather now...

The above two shots are from last year when I went for a little ohanami picnic at Tamagawa river with my niece Ako. She will be coming to Tokyo again next weekend to stay with my mum for a week so we'll be going for more ohanami this year, I'm so excited! I have to think of a cute obento to take to our picnic. Aunty will be very busy.

Well, we are having a long weekend here! Have a lovely one to you all!!

P.S. I'm a real Tokyo born Japanese girl not an expat living here, hehe ;)


  1. Oh, how lovely. PS I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter. Elissa xxx

  2. Gorgeous pictures, I'm planning to go to Chidorigafuchi for hanami, is it nice there ? I loved the previous posts with the photos of Claska Hotel :)

  3. i didn't realise you have an official sakura forecast - that's so cool!

    it has been really mild here since wednesday, maybe there's hope still for spring...

    p.s.: just the other day i walked past a shop on my street selling artificial sakura branches and i was very tempted... we'll see! :)

  4. Cannot wait to see the sakura pictures !!

    I received your package this morning Hiki !! Thank you so much I will put masking tape everywhere soon !!!!!
    Have a beautiful week end too

    Bises !

  5. answer: i think it's just a coincidence. all the japanese stuff :) it just happened to gather in the same month, hehe! i've ordered "dance dance dance" a couple of days ago (ok, maybe it's not a coincidence..?) I read that 1Q84 will be released in september 2011. really weird.

    wish you a happy weekend.

  6. when i say "released" i mean the english translation.

  7. will do (weekend); and that spring looks promising... longing for something is nice, very nice.

  8. I love sakura season and ohanami! The flowers will bloom, don't worry.

  9. yes!!!!!!!! i can't wait for spring!!!!
    lots of love from gini and anouki's land!

  10. Oh hiki! I can't with till I can see the Sakura season through your camenra. I know it will be amazing.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. hikiさん、こんにちは。

  12. i'm so looking forward to spring too. although we do not have sakura here in singapore, i am working on a hanami bar project, to introduce the first one-of-its-kind hanami picnic by the river to singaporeans. so excited!

  13. Winter is lingering far too long this year! I remember my first year in Korea there were blossoms already beginning at this time. Not even close to it, with snow just last week! :(

    PS. I am coming to Japan in June. Will keep you posted!

  14. ほんとうきれいい!
    i still have never seen real sakura in person before :-(

  15. I love the photos! I was in Japan this time last year - enjoyed the sakura blossom in Kyoto and Tokyo - Shinjuku Gyoen Park was just amazing! I have some lovely photos - indeed my blog header is currently one of them - just trying to encourage spring here in Scotland too! Our own cherry blossom is very late this year due to a cold winter! Enjoy the hanami!

  16. Elissa, oh i missed my chance to enter your giveaway!

    Narumi, I believe chidorigafuchi is another lovely hanami spot in tokyo! are you already in tokyo? it's too cold for sakura now :(

    kristina, yes we do have an official sakura forecast! did you end up getting the fake sakura branches?? ;)

    Marion, I'm glad you got it!!! yay! So lovely to think that package went all the way to become your possession!

    Hanna, ah you got "dance dance dance"! have you started? I hope you like it, now I feel like reading it again.

    ♥♥♥ w o o l f ♥♥♥, well it's been freezing again and spring seems even more far away now....

    mizu designs, yes i know the flowers will bloom but i'm loosing patience!!! hehe

    Elisabelle, thank you! hope to share more soon!

    Gini, I guess gini and anouki's land is expecting spring soon? must be lovely in the mountains!

    Ulrika, yes it will be really beautiful i can't wait to share them here! happy spring to you ulrika!


    the ramen girl, wow hanami bar project in Singapore sounds like a lot of fun!!!!! i'm really interested to see what it's like!

    Stephanie, you are coming in June! that's a super news! i'll be looking forward to having good chat with you over Yebisu ;)

    Aron, then you have to come to Tokyo during the sakura season, you must! i heard about jakaranda, that they are called ”ハワイのさくら”do you see them around where you are? I love them!

    Di, I haven't been to the Shinjuku Gyoen myself but I hear it's really nice. You must have been so lucky to see Japan during the sakura season, the best time only last for about a week and it's always so hard to predict when!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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