I found two lovely packages filling up my mail box downstairs when I came back home the other day. One from miekewillems and another from Dawn. I had such a pleasant moment to open these wonderful packages to find lovely little things inside. I'm loving this Bruno Munari ALLA FACCIA! from miekewillems and a sweet little hand-made Sydney zine from Dawn Tan!

I'm always mailing out lots of packages for my shop and not much receiving packages from overseas but it's so nice I think I should order more things from now on! Thank you Veronik & Miek and Dawn!! I'm so sad about the miekwellems shop closing, but now I'm really looking forward to what those lovely girls will be doing in the near future ;)

I also did a super blogging of 3 posts in a row for my uguisu store blog! And now it's time to prepare dinner, I'm having my favourite Kyo Kasuzuke fish from this excellent shop tonight yum yum (❍ʻ◡ʻ❍) Have a wonderful Thursday to you all!


  1. oh hiki, funny you mention mail! today my package arrived from uguisu and i had to tell you it's here and safe. thank you so much! and this looks so nice, i just love mail!

  2. you're one lucky girl! and such great handmade goodies!
    these days i seem to only get bills or credit card statements...

  3. aaah! so great to see this here!
    hope to bring you good news soon hiki! thanks a lot for your sweetest words!

  4. hi hi! i randomly stopped by your blog for the first time & i am so happy i did : )
    getting packages & letters in the mail is very high on my list of favorite things. & you got some of the best mail! i love dawns work & i also love mieke willems : )
    so very happy you must be to get these things in the mail. i am really considering ordering dawns new sydney zine....maybe, maybe!

  5. awww how fun!!
    those look like great package gifts that would have me smiling all day!

  6. Hi Jenna, it's wonderful to know you received the package safely!!! Thank you so much :)

    Hi Sekimachihato,
    yep, a lucky girl i am! but other times, i only get similar kind of mails :p

    Hi mieke willems,
    thank YOU girls ;) it was so lovely receiving and opening a package from you!

    Hi lina,
    Thanks for discovering me here :) Dawns new sydney zine will surely make you happy!

    Hi Aron,
    they did kept me smiling all day, and they are now too remembering about them!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)