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cafe to utsuwa

Asagaya is a cute little town on Chuo Line, in the west Tokyo area that is totally out of where I normally hung out. The only reason I ever go there is because one of my clients is there. This time I got there early and explored a bit, having nice lunch in a sweet cafe called "hinemosunotari" and fell in love with the place! They sell lovely ceramics and glassware too, next time I will get there a lot earlier before my meeting, is what I decided leaving there.


  1. your lunch looks a bit like breakfast but mighty tasty!
    it's nice how you get to visit your clients instead of them coming to you, otherwise you may have never found this little cafe.
    maybe i should start insisting to go to my client's offices too!

  2. This café looks so nice and the food yummy ! I've heard that the cherry blossoms have begin to open in Tokyo, can't wait to be there..

  3. Looks like a inspiring place to be!

    Are you up for yellow for this months color? ;)

  4. sekimachihato, yes i guess this could be a breakfast at a minshuku ;) i love the simple food.
    and yes, i don't mind going to visit my clients especially when they are in the fun area, my office is my home so it has to be this way ;)

    Narumi, today was another winter-like day here, but cherry blossoms are surely starting to pop out. I'm guessing 10 more days and it will be at its best!

    Ulrika, yep, yellow! I'm looking for it!

  5. Hi Hiki, it is great to meet you and your blog! I live in Sydney but love Japan! It is great seeing your photos. I miss those cafes and zakka!

  6. aww what nice little shots about the city.
    it seems so quaint and lovely.

    by the way, hikisan
    i like your new default picture of you.....you look so pretty!! :-)

  7. Dudley Redhead, I'm glad you enjoy these! I will be posting more of tokyo cafes and zakka shops so hope they will entertain you :)

    Hey Aron, this west area of tokyo around Koenji is quite different and lovely :)
    and thanks for your complement on my profile pic, it doesn't show it clearly so maybe you're tricked :p

  8. Hiki-chan I love Asagaya now after our visit! Let's go back to those cafes / bars we liked after you meeting this month! xoxo


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