Yes that miranda july I saw at ii-ne-kore!
Lovely HelloSandwich Ebo-chan so kindly brought me a copy of Frankie current issue for me which I had cheekily requested. I picked up my first Frankie mag at Cairns airport last February when I was there on a 3-hour transit from Melbourne waiting for my next plane back to Tokyo. It surely saved me from dying of boredom! I was hoping to read more of it so I'm really happy to finally have a new copy of it in my hands :) (I just found out that I can buy it at Aoyama Book Centre... still it's nice to think it came directly to me carried by Ebony.)

Sweet Ebony even got me a copy of another great Australian magazine Dumbo feather, pass it on, I love how it's done, such inspiring designs and photographs it's really cool. Thank you Arigato so much Ebony-chan, you are the sweetest ;)

What are your favourite local magazines? I would love to find out about more cool mags that are published outside Japan!

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  1. these are both great! another aus one i like is 'harvest' (fiction/short story). but japanese magazines are hard to beat!

    ps. and thanks for the mention hiki -)

  2. Ooh, I gotta check out all your links above!

  3. i love miranda july!!
    and i really like that girl in the second photo!

  4. ku:nel magazine looks amazing - at some point I want to buy a couple of back issues from you (if you deliver to South Africa?)
    Several of the magazines we get here are local versions of international publications, such as Elle Deco South Africa. But there is a local lifestyle/interior design magazine that I read regularly: House and Leisure

  5. いつも素敵な色彩!ありがとうございます。色んな意味で勉強になります☆


  6. Both of the magazines looks great!

  7. Hiki, I love your blog and come to visit very often, well, just being lazy to leave a few words, sorry for that. Thanks for sharing a lot good magazines, and other goodies. I am a magzaines lover. Here in Norway, we have a magazine which name is Nytt Rom (new room),take a look, maybe you like it.

  8. Hi Hiki, I think I wanted the catalog of Mina Perhonen so much, that it arrived extra quick.
    I received it already today! It's beautiful, I like the post-it labels a lot as well, greetings Monique

  9. Hey there, I adore your blog--managed to find it quite randomly just now! I will be looking around here a bit later when I have some more time, and I will definitely be making some purchases from your lovely shop. I lived in Japan for six years and miss it sooooo much (especially the mooks)! Also, I've recently posted several times about German magazines that I like--Living and More is my favorite.

  10. marie, I hadn't heard of 'harvest' but i must check it out! thanks ;)

    jen, these are really cool mags!

    Aron, miranda july is really かわいい&かっこいいよね!!!!

    Danya Ristić, oh thank you for the great link! I don't think i had ever seen any magazines from South Africa, but that looks nice! And yes, i do ship to South Africa!


    Hana, yes these are really good and keeping me entertained :)

    Fei An, Nytt Rom looks FABULOUS!!!!! thank you so much for the link, never mind your silence though i really do appreciate your comment ;)

    Monique, I'm so glad you got it already!!! yay! yes those post-it labels are wonderful aren't they!!!!!!!

    The Hausfrau, wow 6 years in japan is a loooong time! I actually just had dinner with my German friend tonight and I got a comment from you - such a lovely little coincidence ;) I will check Living and More, thank you!

    Marion, these are great mags! and i like your new icon picture!!!! tres jolie ;)

  11. beautiful ligatures in the fifth picture.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)