I don't know where February went, but there is only about 5 minutes left of it now. Too many things left undone, but I finally had one of them ticked off the list today by going to my favourite little place seen in the first photo above (that photo is from a few years ago) to see my favourite mimosa and my favourite lovely older couple. They are truly gorgeous people, I always dreamed of becoming like them when I'm about 50 with my future husband :) I used to see them every week for some years, but I had missed them for the past 2 years.

I wanted to go there while mimosa flowers are at their best which had to be this weekend, however today the day started off with pouring rain and so I decided to stay home trying to get some more work done. But as all of a sudden the rain stopped and the sun came out shining later in the afternoon, I thought "good, now I HAVE TO GO!" then rushed off and I'm really glad I did.

I had such a lovely time catching up with them in their charming little tea room and it really made my day, made my February. And it was that yellow again, a perfect finish to my February, the month of yellow ;)

Also please check out a new and the last post of this month here.

How was your February? I hope you all had a wonderful month. I appreciate receiving so many comments left on my previous post, that cafe obviously will be everyone's favourite! Have a lovely new week to you all!

And last but not least, I pray for piece for the people in Chile, hoping the damage made from this earthquake will be calmed at minimum...


  1. Oh February has been so hectic and hard to deal with. I hope march will be smooth. I love your small text & the mimosa. Such a pretty yellow !
    thank you Hiki, it is always a pleasure to come here...

  2. The blue door is beautiful, this house looks really gorgeous ! I love the smell of the mimosa.. I'm so glad to be in March because at the end of the month I'll fly to Tokyo :)

  3. oh yes, where did the month go... my 'to do' list is still looking at me from beside my desk, but i have to take things slowly. not put so much pressure on myself.
    thank-you for your lovely photos, that help remind us of the important things in our lives, people, nature, time together.

    best wishes.

  4. Marion, I wonder why February is such a busy month for so many of us? And isn't the mimosa yellow so pretty! It cheers me up so nicely. And oh thank YOU for coming here and enjoy what you see :) :)

    Narumi, Yes this house is my dream house. It's a beautiful block of flat, very old (which is rarely found in Japan) and well kept. The mimosa scent is so nice isn't it! My place smells of it right now so lovely! oh and you are coming to Tokyo? how exciting!!!!!!!! hope you will come when the sakura is all out!

    Georgina, thank you for your lovely comment, that is so sweet :) and yes it's important not to put so much pressure on yourself, i need to tell that to myself every so often!

    Have a wonderful Monday!!!!!

  5. is that door really narrow or is it just my eyesight going?

    like you said february was a busy one, but march looks daunting, not a single public holiday in hong kong...

  6. I am sad that February gone but I always love March!,Just the sound of the name made me feel cheerful!,Don't you think?

  7. happy march hiki!
    love the door in the top pic:)

  8. These are awesome pictures and nice words, it's important to keep time for such happy moments. Thanks for sharing it. February seems always so so long...
    I'm glad to see march beginning. let's go with a bit of spring in the air now and have wonderful time.

  9. such nice photos.
    those two are beautiful together, really

  10. aww that all sounds so nice!
    pretty pictures!
    my february was cooold!
    tell you brother i said happy birthday! haha :-)

  11. me too, i pray too. these are so nice hiki, i hope march treats you well!

  12. That first photo is lovely - such an interesting and attractive entrance!

  13. それおとうとのコメントはとてもスペシャル!

    <3 <3 <3

  14. sekimachibato, i never thought that door is particularly narrow, maybe it is maybe not :p

    keetee, yes "March" sounds cheerful indeed ;)

    marie, happy march to you too!! isn't that door so sweet!

    lilie-melo, yes i agree with you. no matter how busy you are there is no way you can NOT make time for the special moments if you really wanted to! i tend to forget that all the time though :p

    hearblack. thank you! i'm glad you like these as a set because i do too ;)

    jenna, i hope march treats me well too!! and have a happy march to you! and to Chile.

    Danya Ristić, i really wish my apartment had such a charming entrance!

    Aron, 本当にあなたみたいなおとうとがいたらすてきだよね!;)

  15. lovely shots! my february was definitely not as bright and colourful though

  16. love the mimosa :) happy March Hiki!

  17. Hello Hiki,
    I follow your blog from some time and I'm touched to see your best wishes for my country in these moments. Living in Japan you probably know how bad things can get when the earth moves. Luckily I'm all right but still fidgety and distressed by all the devastation. I'm looking forward to a soon recovery.

    Wish you a happy March!

  18. Hello bored london gurl,
    I hope your March will be much more bright and colourful!!! Lucky you living in London!

    Hello at swim-two-birds,
    Happy March to you too!!!!!!!!!

    Hello Karen,
    Thank you for your sweet comment. Yes we have so many earthquakes and we're always fearing for it. I'm really concerned about Chile right now as I have a friend living in Chile, a much older friend but he lives in Santiago so I hope he's okay. (haven't heard back from him yet) I'm happy to know you were safe I really do hope you will be able to get back to living normal life without fear.
    Extra happy March to you!!!! Saludos.


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