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Aoyama is a nice area to just wonder around taking photos. It gets prettier in the evening. The main purpose of going to Aoyama this time was the Watari-um museum (one of my favourite museums in Tokyo) to get to the last day of the Luis Barragan exhibition. Barragan is a true master, a colour genius and light magician I really I admire him but it was far too crowded. I should never rush in on the last day of anything, I told myself so for the hundredth time. I really have to go to Mexico, then I thought for the thousandth time.

Happy weekend to you all! Friday is about to end in Tokyo.


  1. This weekend will different for me because it will be chinese new year and my family will be busy but stay together^^

    Happy new year Hiki.
    I think this post is so perfect for the end of the week,it's like....after the night the new day will rise and shine^^

  2. Ah, Hiki! I do love your pictures of Tokyo. So beautiful ! enjoy your week end ! have fun !

  3. luis baragan is a master :)
    he designed one of the seprentine pavilions in london a few years ago.
    happy weekend to you! x

  4. I love it when places have such interesting front doors to look into! That museum view to the interior totally draws me in! I think I could get lost in there!

    happy new year btw!

  5. i enjoy your photos of japan, i haven't got a chance to go, so for a while i'll look at your photos. I like some of cibone's products, can't have it though, haha.

  6. Wow, this looks amazing. The first photo is so unusual, it's wonderful. I can understand your thoughts about the last day of an exhibition - here, the first day (usually the first evening) of an exhibition is just as crowded. We often agree to come back in a few days' time, when the gallery or museum is emptier.
    By the way, Hiki, I realise that the link I gave you to the SA magazine in one of your recent posts is not very useful - it simply shows the homepage and nothing else. Sorry about that. Perhaps the site is still being developed. Here is the address to another local magazine (decor, design, architecture) that is also interesting and fun, but for some reason I don't read it as much as the other one (although I bought the latest issue, and looking at it now I think I must read it more often):

    A good weekend to you too!

  7. i remember walking around aoyama when i was in tokyo!! natsukashii!! love it :-)

  8. hello hiki! these are so nice, i really like the light in them and all the interesting colours and shapes! have a lovely new week, and happy valentine's day!

  9. keetee, yes it's chinese new year isn't it. we don't hear much about it in Japan, but happy new year to you!! hope you had a lovely chinese new year ;)

    Marion, i'm glad you enjoy these! and hope you are having a great week!!

    Mary, i didn't know Luis Barragan designed anything in London! wow that is another reason for me to go back to London. happy tuesday to you!!

    Celine, happy new year! yes the museum shop they have on the ground floor as you see it in the photo is AWESOME! i bought a few things from there but it was hard to keep to "a few" ;)

    sun. i'd be so happy if you could feel and enjoy as if visiting tokyo by looking at my photo! yes cibone is nice, there is one near my house but this one in aoyama is a lot bigger and more interesting!

    Danya Ristić, the first photo is of a prada shop it's a really interesting architecture indeed! and thank you for the link, that was so kind of you!

    Aron, this area has changed a bit in the last few years more new buildings and shops! are you coming back to tokyo? tokyo is calling ya!

    sunkentreasure, hello! thank you for stopping by ;)

    jenna, yes these buildings are interesting aren't they, most of them are found close together and making it fun to walk around in the area. hope you had a lovely valentine's day and happy tuesday!

  10. Konbanwa, hiki

    Every time I visit your blog,
    I feel happy about the fact that
    I'm living in Tokyo, and
    I'm living in Japan !

    Just came back from NYC and
    kind of feel gloomy to back in normal life,
    but your pictures made me smile.
    Yes, our city is cool to :)

    Comme de's aoyama shop is one of my favorite.

  11. I love your photos. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well.

  12. Marika, I'm really happy if this blog makes you smile!! Okaeri from NYC I'll be looking forward to seeing your lovely shots;)

    Jamie, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes I had a nice relaxing weekend! Hope you're enjoying the week!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)