framed shimokita

bear pond

Just some random shots from a day in Shimokitazawa with my friend a little while ago. Bear Pond is my favourite cafe for a quick coffee and daughnuts (bought from Hara Daughnuts right across from the cafe). Have a quick peek in Sally Scott (their shop in Shirogane is the best though), wonder around for a while and then eat and drink at a cozy French bistro "Trocadero", then finish with coffee and desert at ericafe. A nice way to spend a day :)


  1. beautiful post hiki and as always, inspiring :)

  2. I have to visit Shimokitazawa next time, it looks great there ! Is it at the Bear Pond cafe, the art coffee with the cute bunny ?

  3. hi hiki! thanks for dropping by and cheering me up! im feeling okay now. ^^

    shimokitazawa! i went there only once at night, and ive always wondered if it is as bohemian as it was in the morning.

  4. Sally Scott looks so cute! Their website is adorable :)

  5. beautiful windows! but!!!! i just finished writing a post about hara-rolls! wow, we are on the same wave-length.
    last time in tokyo i saw a few girls using sally scott ego-bags. now i know where they got them from.

  6. Mary, jen, thank you but I think the same to your posts each time!

    Narumi, I don't know shimokita that well but it has kind of a unique atmosphere and it's nice. No that bunny latte is not from Bear Pond they do the tulip ones. And ericafe does a really cute "boy face" latte :)

    Mike, so glad to hear you're feeling a little better. I guess it gets extra bohemian at night in shimokita, but even during the day it has its unique atmosphere you should go visit again in the daylight ;)

    mizu designs,
    Sally Scott is indeed very cute, their clothes, website, shops, shopping bags....everything!

    Elisabelle, thank you!!! i love hearing your comment :)

  7. sekimachihato, oh hara rolls, i still haven't tried that actually. the hara daugnhuts is different, confusing though ;) and i want to know what sally scott eco bag looks like!

  8. very nice!! i love round windows!

  9. Your photos are divine! Only found your blog this morning & yay! Loved Japan for years (the aesthetics got me in!) Planning on travelling around the remarkable country with our kids - any ideas how tricky this might be without knowing Japanese?
    Many thanks fro your inspiration

  10. Aron, yes round windows are nice, ne! do you like shimokitazawa?

    Marion, thank you :) i'm not showing enough but this area of tokyo is nice, i must go back to take more photos to share with you!

    EcoDepot, g'day! thanks for finding me here :) Yes i can imagine it'll be quite tricky travelling around japan without knowing japanese, but it could be all fine more people speak english these days. still if you know some words you'd probably enjoy more ;)

  11. love the round window, sally scott, mmmm

  12. oh fun. that sounds so yummy. :::

  13. Happy birthday, Hiki (for Feb 1st)! Hope you are having a lovely day, and may the coming year be full of wonderful things for you!


  15. tifanie, Ulrika,
    thank you, i should go back there soon and take more photos to show you of this place ;)

    Danya Ristić,
    oh thank you!!!!!! how sweet of you! I wish you a wonderful February!

    hey thank you thank you!!!!!!


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