Wonderful Monique from stuido mhl has so kindly given me an award -Kreativ Blogger Award!! Thank you Monique, this is such an honour! Not only is Monique's blog wonderful but also her website and a shop - you must check out her fabulous works of jewellery!!

The rule is to list 7 things I love and pass the award along to 7 other well deserving and kreativ bloggers.
Things I love:
1. old small cinema.
2. receiving funny phone calls from my cheeky neice.
3. smell of the futon after drying it under the sun.
4. markets - flea, antique, craft, fish, food, any kind!
5. sipping hot wine and hot umeshu in winter. (i'm now having my umeshu from june)
6. sitting in a sunny corner of the room and have my cup of tea in the morning.
7. receiving lovely comments from my wonderful blog readers!!!!!!!

And 7 kreativ bloggers:

jen from Les Filles Giada et Cairo and Folie á Deux, [ interludio * by Mariana Newlands ], gini from gini helie's heartwork, marie from ici, o l y from for the star / like a boy, marion from L'inventaire de l'esthétique, and the last one would be all of you! There are so many awesome and "kreativ" bloggers around it's just too hard to pick only one more! (Every blog that is listed on the left side of this blog deserves an award!)

By the way jen is haveing an amazing giveaway right now! you might win a Lubitel 166+ Camera!!! how generous a giveaway is this!?!? So pop over to her wonderful new blog to make sure you enter this great chance to win a Lubitel 166+!


  1. well done! you definitely deserve it!

    i've been reading Folie á Deux blog for a while now and have left a comment or two in the past, but this is a great giveaway so i'm in to win!

  2. hi! isn't this a really amazing giveaway!? so generous of jen! let's hope one of us will win ;)

  3. hi hiki, thank you for you sweet comments...

  4. Hiki !!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO nice of you !!!!!!! Merci merci merci merci !
    I'll do it tomorrow on the blog ! You're the best !

  5. thanks hiki!! i like your list... many of the same for me :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)