I think Tokyo is a sweets paradise. Not just traditional sweets like mochi, odango with azuki, but the levels and the numbers of French patisseries are getting higher especially in the last few years and we Japanese people are (or maybe just I am) crazy about them!
And this book called "Kawaii Tokyo Sweets / Douceurs "Kawaï" de TOKYO" is a wonderful guide to the Tokyo Sweets Paradise!!!!! The entire book is written both in Japanese and French so even if you can't read Japanese or don't really understand French I guess you can pick up some information. It introduces many of Tokyo's cool shops/patisseries selected by Parisiennes living in Tokyo, and at the back of it it has pages of Tokyo shop list with addresses shown in English alphabets which I think is wonderful so people who doesn't understand Japanese can visit these not-so-exposed lovely places in Tokyo!

I have some copies newly added to my shop along with some other goodies such as these yummy "Fake Sweets Papergoods" from the above book! So please visit my shop for a peek, and you can also follow a new UGUiSU Blog where I'm going to post mostly about my shop.
And speaking about a Tokyo shop guide, you must check Angela's Little Tokyo Shops Online Zine! It looks superb!!!!!!!



  1. some day i'll travel to tokyo, most definitely.

  2. Guess what I'm doing next time in Tokyo? Oooh! Love the Japanese-French connection!! Tokyo 2011, here I come!!! Hiki, maybe we can meet up! :)

  3. ohoh- for these reasons,
    i cannnot stop studying jap. *.*

  4. ちょかわいい!
    yes i really think Japan has such amazing sweet snacks. its such an art form there. a profession of cute food :-)

  5. hiki hiki, these look so great ! and congrats for the shop blog, i'm really exciting to see more of your posts over there !

    as for the book you asked about, i will get you one and put it in the package ! ( i'm hoping i can manage to send it out before november ) actually the author used to work in mogu's design department, and is a friend of some of my friends. i only met her once in person at her exhibition opening at mogu, she's a really nice and lovely girl.

    oki doki, have a nice week !


  6. The sweets book looks sooo cute!!! I did notice alot of the little French patisseries when I visited, I enjoyed a little treat from a few :)

    Thank you for my zine mention, I hope you get to visit most of the shops mentioned!

  7. hi Michaela,
    hope you do get to come to tokyo one day!!!!!!

    hi jen,
    wow Tokyo 2011 comes jen!? it'll be wonderful to meet up with you!!!!!! how exciting!

    hi GON,
    ah, you're studying for the lovely sweets, yes i understand!

    hi aron,
    a profession of cute food, yes i like that!
    a profession of fake food too, ne ;)

    hi oly,
    no no i didn't mean for you to send it to me, i just thought if you'd know it don't worry about it it must've been so cheeky of me sorry....
    but how wonderful you've met the author!!!!

    hi angela,
    i love your zine! i haven't really been to kichijoji (though i'm from tokyo!) so i certainly will be reffering to those shops of your picks when i go there! and yes, hope you get to explore jiyugaoka next time that is the area i've lived most of my life ;)

  8. Love that so much !
    As a french girl, french patisseries in Japan must have un "je ne sais quoi"...
    Great post Hiki ! merci !

  9. this book looks so nice! i've just ordered it via your lovely shop :-)
    wishing you a happy week-end hiki!

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  11. Those look really tasty, I wonder if we can find the book on Amazon?


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)