Weekday lunch special at D&Department.Browse the shop upstairs buy one thing or two.People are so good at foaming queues, I always find myself standing in the middle of nowhere. I get left out.Shibuya through a very thick glass.The Kabuki-za theatre, 302 days before the end of its 121 year history. Why do they have to demolish?Laduree, should really stay inside Paris, but anyway.


  1. Hello Hikaru-chan!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for your lovely treat in the mail! That was so gorgeous of you! I can't believe it! What a lovely surprise it was! I love everything you selected! And I love roppongi hills too! :) Oh my goodness is that Mika Ninagawa's signature on the book? sugoiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I love your new online shop! Its fantastic! Especially the little Japanese girl masking taps, the book of inspiration for Japanese little press / zine, and all of the Japanese magazines you are selling! It is going to be very addictive!!!

    This post looks so so so gorgeous by the way! I want to go to Laduree in Tokyo next time!

    Hope you have had a gorgeous weekend!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. Love those photos. What a shame though! It's too bad that Kabukiza is being torn down. :(

  3. Hello Ebony-chan!
    Wow that was a quick trip!! but am so glad it got to you safely ;) I wasn't sure if you like Mika Ninagawa but thought you'd like her! And thank you for visiting my shop, hehe, it's still looking a bit wonky but I'll try to make it better.
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend in Sydney! We are having a long weekend so I'm still enjoying mine ;)

    Hello Asha!
    I know, it's really a shame they can't keep it as it is but I guess they have to demolish it because of lacking earthquake resistance... Another historical building will be gone from Tokyo :(

  4. that theatre is absolutely gorgeous! i can't believe anyone would want to tear it down.

  5. What I love about Japan is that it has a mix of new and old! Sad to hear that the Kabuki-za theatre is going to be torn down ...

    I have a question: Do you take pictures of your daily life on film everyday?

  6. the demolition of the theatre is so sad. can they not preserve the outside and use the inside for something else?

    anyway, Laduree in Tokyo is so kitschy! i love it. even the girls on the photo are prim and proper with their feminine dresses :)

  7. Hello andy, Wen, and jen!
    Thank your the comments :)
    I think they are going to knock it down because it's old and is not earthquake resistent. This is often the reason for the historical buildings to be torn down here, very sad.

    jen, yes i couldn't resist a photo with those girls sitting infront of me by the window, it's kind of very tokyo i thought.

    Answer to Wen: I have my film camera in my bag most of the time so I take with it almost everyday if I see something I want to shoot!

  8. hi hiki-san,

    i've recently discovered your lovely blog and have linked you to mine since then! i hope you don't mind.

    such beautiful photos. (just curious...were you discreet about taking photos at laduree? i was told not to by the staff last time i was there, the one in ginza, which was kind of a bummer because i wasn't even pointing my lens at other customers but my plate of food.)

  9. hello aixxx-chan!
    thank you for discovering my blog and the link too, of course i don't mind! :)

    well, i didn't know they don't allow photographs at Laduree in ginza, i think they saw my camera but didn't say anything. I just took a couple of quick shots. They should put a no-photographing sign or something really, i once came across a shop like that but I asked them if I could take just a couple of photos of the food they said that's no problem!

    hmmmmm, Laduree should really stay in Paris...is what i think after all.

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