Masking tapes are fun!! And this book マスキングテープの本 - "A book of Masking Tapes" is a wonderful source for the creative ideas for them. The fabric of the skirt you see in the second picture was designed by mina perhonen, originally inspired by masking tapes!! Isn't it terrific!? The third picture is the three little girls of Minagawa san - the designer of mina perhonen. It's amazing how much you can do with these tapes. But the best thing is that you can take them off easily so that helps you to be even more creative! You can also see some other ideas introduced here at Hello Sandwich.

Well, I am not really a good craft person so am a bit embarassed but here are somethings I've done with the masking tapes.The first one, obviously inspired by theat skirt, quickly made a decorated envelope using a plane envelope from MUJI.Also a plane hard-cover book from MUJI. This could be a good one for making your own picture book or maybe a zine?And this, well not much use as a card after all, but could be applied for the gift wrapping perhaps?Just some (untidy) peta-peta sticky tapes on the wall.
AND NOW YOU CAN BUY SOME MASKING TAPES FROM MY SHOP!!!! yay! I've been working on this online shop to sell Japanese goodies for some time now, it's still a bit wonky but will try to make it better so please pay a visit if you have time. I will be adding LOTS more new stuff in the next 10 days or so, i will let you know when they're up.

Oh this is also something I want to recommend, an acrylic tape dispenser. Perfect for the masking tapes!


  1. Congratulations on opening your new shop, many enticing goodies! I have bookmarked it for buying presents.

  2. Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

    Kiss from Melbourne

  3. Hi alice,
    Thank you :) Please do come back, I will have lots more new goodies later!

    Hi designani,
    Thank you for visiting it's so great to hear from someone in Melbourne!

  4. waou, your own shop? that's great, i go and have a look!

  5. delightful crafting, and what a great magazine! and i am sooooo excited you have your own shop hiki, it is so great! with your beautiful sense, it will be so full of treasures, i am VERY keen to maybe order some tennen seikatsu when i next treat myself to some OS magazines:)

  6. hi lovepics,
    yea it is a "waou" isn't it? i don't know how i will do but i'm crossing fingers... :)

    hi ii-ne-kore,
    thank you that is so sweet of you to say. some of the magazines have already gone but I will be putting some more magazines up soon! if you have any request on the magazines please let me know, you can also order by email if you like, i can tell you the postage and all ;)

  7. Yay Hiki! Your shop is gorgeous. I'm sure you'll tempt me with all those lovely Japanese goodies :)


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