My favourite osusume shops around Kamakura Station:

01. cafe vivement dimanche - very famous cafe that is said to be where today's japanese cafe culture started. good coffee and brazilian music. just off Komachi street. 2-1-5 Komachi Kamakura-shi

02. claro - a small record shop specialising in Brazilian music run by (and is next to) cafe vivement dimanche.

03. Kosuzu - the best soba noodle restaurant in Kamakura! 2-13-4 Komachi Kamakura-shi

04. Toshimaya - "hato sable" (pigeon shaped biscuit) shop that has 200 years of history in Kamakura. You can get "hato sable" in many places around tokyo but "hato sable zakka" is only available at this main shop! Unfortunately the day went it was closed... but you can check out the "hato sable zakka" at 2-11-9 Komachi Kamakura-shi

05. Kamakura farmers market - good place to visit ealier in the day. Little soufle shop inside the market is VERY GOOD! 1-3-10 Komachi Kamakura-shi

06, 07. Milk Hall - an old cafe and antique shop. great "taisho" atmosphere. 2-3-8 Komachi Kamakura


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