The summer sale started so I went to Sally Scott in Shirokanedai - this is one of my favourite shops in Tokyo. I got an embroidered shirt and a cute pale blue "pumpkin pants" and am very pleased.

In the same building thre is my dream shop minä perhonen. Everytime I walk into the shop I feel I want to stay there forever, actually I wish I could live there! Of course their dresses are really beautiful but I just love the total atmosphere of the space it's perfect. I can't afford the dress, but I can't help going back there either.

Sally Scott & mina perhonen
5-18-17 Shirokanedai Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0071 Japan
Tel 03 5420 3766 Open 12:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays

By the way, the brand name "Sally Scott" is not a name of a designer, but she's a fictious character set for the brand concept - 25 year-old girl who is always searching for the new findings. And this Shirokanedai shop is made to be "her room". And the brand is directed by Akira Minagawa of minä perhonen.


  1. lovely images! the minä perhonen website is great.
    i love the images and the way the site has been constructed.

  2. Oh, you get so much good shopping there in Japan!!

    By the way, yeah, I should try green tea macarons. You know, I didn't realize how close our hotel was to Aoki's patisserie in Paris!! I'm so mad that I missed that! Maybe next time...

  3. Mary - yes I love minä perhonen website, it's working so well with such simple construction!

    jen laceda - Yes macarons, oh I think I need to get some more today!! (I think you know this feeling very well ;)

  4. I like it !!!
    see and
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  5. is there a sally scott in kyoto, do you know? i will be in kyoto this fall, and have the mina perhonen shop on my list.


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