"Onion and Ginger" - my favourite.
Miso soup is one of the most essential things in a Japanese cuisine, we have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner... can be for anytime, with other things of course. If you're familiar with Japanese cooking you might think "a recepi book just for miso soup!?" like I did when I first saw this book a few years ago, but no this book has been one of my favourites in my kitchen! You don't really need a "recipe" to make miso soup, but this book has got 100 miso soup recipes and has so many different ideas which you would never have heard of or thought of for miso soup ingredients. I just open this book while checking what's in my fridge for inspiration. I know many of the ingredients for Japanese cooking can be difficult to get outside Japan, but there are many non-traditional miso soup ideas (such as "pumpkin and cheese" and "corn, milk and butter") and you probably don't need to be able to read Japanese for this one so I thought I might put it up here.

The secret is to mix 2 different types of miso paste.
"Dashi" (broth) is very important too, but for a start you can get the powdered dashi which was very easy to find in any supermarket in Melbourne so I think it would be in many other cities too.

Everyday Miso Soup 100 by Kazuo Hida
毎日のみそ汁100 飛田 和緒


  1. Pumpkin and cheese sounds delicious. What a beautiful book! I love miso. We always have a tub or two of miso paste in the fridge.

  2. oh thats great. i miss misoshiru. and the book itself looks very nice!

  3. That sounds like an interesting book

    : )

  4. >The Wanderers' Daughter
    I actually haven't tried the pumpkin & cheese miso soup myself, sounds really unusual for Japanese but I think it will be really good!

    Yes this book is really good. And I know how you must miss misoshiru, I used to miss it a lot when I was living in Australia... it makes me feel so "ho..." everytime I have it :)

    It sure is an interesting book! Just looking at all these pictures can be fun ;)

  5. this book looks great -- lots of twists on a simple idea and recipe.

    i wish i could read japanese - :) but the photos alone look beautiful.

  6. Hello! I love your pretty blog! And I love your Miso Soup post too! I cook Miso lots for my Japanese boyfriend, but when I make the 'henna gaijin' version with things like peas, western mushrooms, frozen vegies like corn etc, I think Yasu is not too impressed! he he! But I love it! I got this recipe for 'country hearty morning miso' from the book 'Japanese women don't get old or fat' by Naomi Moriyama.
    Thank you for your lovely blog and I will come by often!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  7. >bferry
    Yes this indeed is a great book and I'm sure you can enjoy it just by flipping the pages without your Japanese reading skill ;)

    >Hello Sandwich
    Hi! Thank you for coming by!
    You should get this book and show it to your boyfriend and then your miso soup won't be so "henna gaijin"-like :) Since I got this book I think almost anything can be good for miso soup!

  8. Ha ha! I should indeed!
    I am coming to Tokyo next month so I may just keep my eye out at Libro or Kinokuniya or something!

  9. ハローエボニー。
    You're coming to Tokyo!
    Don't forget to check out the Aoyama Book Centre if you can because I think you'd enjoy it. http://www.aoyamabc.co.jp/43/
    きっときにいるよ ;)


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