I found a great way of enjoying the rain without having have to go out and get wet, I just have to look out the window with my camera! (I know some people don't mind rain but I have to say that I do.)

The first photo appeared in one of my favourite blogs the blue hour (rather surprisingly) in a photo mosaic, and is done quite nicely - it's nice to see my photo in someone else's place. good surprise and fun, thanks to Brian. And of course, to the rain.


  1. :)
    your blog is such an inspiration. i'm really enjoying it.

  2. These are your photos? They're so beaugtiful. I love how pregnant those raindrops are.
    I actually do like the rain, but only because I live in Colorado - rain is different (and rare) here. When I live in NY state, I hated it. It was relentless and drab.

  3. yes, you make rain look so beautiful and fragile.

  4. Thank you all for sweet comments :)

    The Wanderer's Daughter
    Yes, they are my photos, very accidental photos I have to say. And yes I realise rain can mean different depening where you live, but it finally stopped after 3 straight days of rain here in Tokyo - hoorah.

  5. Filigrane pictures, I will visit here often! So calm.

  6. What a beautiful pictures....



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