Airports and stations, kind of makes me feel sentimental.
Especially airports, they do.

 01,02. London underground
 03. Paris Metro
 04. Fuya - a country town in Niigata, Japan
 05,10. Beijing Airport
 06. "welcome home" sign at Narita Tokyo Airport
 07. New (and shocking) Southern Cross Station, Melbourne
 08. El Masnou, suburban Barcelona.
 09. Kagoshima Airport, Japan


  1. I love the London tube and Paris Metro! Very iconic!

  2. oh this is fantastic.especially the 'okaerinasai':) i wonder when the next time ill get to see it.. it always makes me feel kind of emotional hehe

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  4. Yea, I know what you mean about feeling sentimental at airports.
    Great pics!

  5. I really love the collection of photographs you came up with. There is definitely a nostalgic feel to these.

  6. great photographs - so true, stations and airports, so sentimental, a mix of excitement, dreams, nostalgia...the coloured densha at fuya-eki is wonderful:)

  7. Good the picture specially the Beijing airport appropriate to show Air China entrance. Excellent ideas and composition

  8. Hello jen laceda,
    yes the London tube and Paris Metro is indeed very iconic. You can tell without captions! ;)

    Hello Yasu,
    'okaerinasai' sign always gives me the very mixed feelings as it would for you. You sound missing home (so you would be) but your home would never run away so don't worry and enjoy being where you are ;)

    Hello Xiomi,
    There were times when airports were always a place for good-bys for me when I was studying overseas, so I kind of remember my old feelings but I guess airports do give everyone feel sentimental!

    Hello alexandria,
    Thank you :) I have so many photos I've take over the years and I thought this way I can make them a little "presentable" somehow...

    Hello ii-ne-kore,
    Arigato (or O-kini i should say?) .
    The coloured densha at Fuya-eki is called "kira-kira Uetsu" and it goes along the coast line of Nihon-kai. Isn't it charming?

    Hello Baron's Life,
    Thank you, well this photo from the Beijing airport kind of has a long story..(i won't tell you now i will run out of space :p) I had to show Air China entrance.

  9. I love the photographs!

  10. Hello Winterkid!
    Thank you for visiting and also for your sweet comment :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)