Just learned about the INDEN-YA "印傳屋" -the Japanese craftsmanship, who has been making beautiful leather crafts in Japan for over 400 years. What's so unique about it is they developed their original technique for applying lacquer to deer skin to form patterns like these above images they introduce in their webpage. The website is full of interesting information on the craftsmanship, although it's only in Japanese language it's worth a visit! It has lots of great images with great graphic designs and the website is really well done. There is an English introduction page so it should help!


  1. Indeny makes fantastic products but it is hard to get them outside of Japan. There is a shop that basically lists all their products with world-wide shipping:


    It is also interesting to mention that the art of printing on leather initially was brought to Japan from India. The name Inden is a reference to the origin of this ideas. Although the origin is from India it developed to become a genuine Japanese craft.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)