Manley Beach, Sydney Fish Market, The Rocks, Yum-Cha lunch and seeing my two old friends (with their new husband and wife), all in 30 hours i guess wasn't too bad.


  1. Hi! Did you like Sydney? I am an Aussie living in Sweden. I too love to travel. Come and visit my blog some day. I wander if you have ever been here before?

  2. Hi Amber. Are you from Sydney? I lived in Melbourne for some years. Yes I liked Sydney, I've been there a few times but I don't think I've seen much so next time I hope to take longer time to explore the city!

  3. I'm in Paris right now, and I'm craving for dim sum!! Oh well, maybe oysters then...

  4. >jenlaceda
    Oh you're in Paris! I'm so jealous!
    Enjoy every bits of it ;)


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