There are some interesting towns along Chuo-Line but I have never really been so familiar with this area, the west side of Tokyo. Last week for the very first time in my life I finally got to set my feet on Nishi-Ogikubo a fun little town with many lovely and unique small shops for zakka and antiques. There still are so many great places I haven't been to in Tokyo although I am from here. Ros showed me some of her favourite spots in Nishi-ogikubo, like when she showed me Yanaka Ros always introduces me to a new and exciting parts of my hometown Tokyo. 
Ros has a very deep understanding and excellent appreciation for the Japanese culture both modern and traditional and how she sees Tokyo and Japan is always very interesting and inspiring to me. Many people think she is Japanese but she's from Singapore who manipulates Japanese and Mandarin (and Cantonese too?) on the equally high business level to her native English. Such an amazing person!

Ros is also a great fan of Kokeshi, a Japanese folk art wooden doll, and she took me to this really cute cafe called Nishiogi Itochi Tea & Kokeshi seen in the photos above. It was a perfect spot to end our Nishi-ogi rendez-vous! Pop over to Ros's blog to see great shots and read about this place.

And here are addresses for some shops we went:

ていねいに。Teineini - cafe
1-18-1 Nishiogi-minami Suginami-ku

FALL - gallery & zakka
3-18-10 Nishiogi-Kita Suginami-ku

Poefu - selected women's clothing
3-2-3 Nishiogi-Kita Suginami-ku

There are many more to check out, Mogu-chan gave me some of her favorites too so I really need to go back again hopefully soon!

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