I have been cat-spamming everyone on Instagram lately (sorry), this adorable fluffy red tabby that lives around my shoppe building and I am crazed about him, obviously.
He first showed up a few months ago, looking at me from the back door. He likes to keep certain distance between us so I talk to him from about a meter away, when I start talking he always shut his eyes and make this really cute face! I always think he is my maneki-neko (fortune cat) :)

And yesterday, I had a really happy surprise.... Mogu-chan did the cutest illustration of my fortune cat for me!!!!!!! She says it's only a doodle, it's soooo cute isn't it! She even included the mimosa that just started blooming in front of the building. Thank you so much Mogu-chan!

Mogu Takahashi


  1. I love this little sketch!
    And this little red cat is really cute

  2. so cute! the doodle by mogu is delightful. and the insta collage one of the best i ever seen!^><^

  3. he's a cute cat!! cats are photogenic :)

  4. Replies
    1. I love cats and orange ones always seems like they are a draw and not real,the colour always hypnotize me and your pictures are awesome!

  5. Awww, so cute! Looks like you have a friendly stalker...or you stalking the cat instead, haha xD Very adorable.


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