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It has now been long enough to be settled well into the new neighbourhood. I am now in the Meguro area, having Gakugeidaigaku, Yutenji and Musashikoyama within easy walking distance, also having Meguro and Nakameguro pretty close by. Although I've been pretty familiar with this area for a long time and I had lived in Toritsudaigaku (which is next to Gakugeidaigaku) when I was in junior school, it is really different from where I had lived before in many ways and the area feels quite different living in it.

There are many lovely shops all dotted around. There are lots more of course but here are some of my favourites shown in the above photos:

1&2: great bonsai shop sadly now closed :(
3,4&5: keats cafe - recommended for vegetarians! (also for non-vegetarians)
6&7: digawel - great little shop for men&womens clothing
8: one of many cute little shop continuously found along Meguro-dori street which is known as "interior shop street"
9: boiserie - very French gallery shop by orne de feuilles
10: trasparente - my fave bakery (they make really good baguettes!)

Will share more later!




  1. Your new neighborhood is absolutely beautiful! I love the sidewalk seating areas and all the green plants.

  2. I like these shots Hiki ! A lot ! One day we'll have a walk and photography talk and lunch in Tokyo, would be so awesome.

  3. What a magical place!! あそこに引っ越したいよ〜

  4. wuaaah this looks so nostalgic to me!!! The place looks just so lovely with all those beautiful plants! love all your pics.. they make me want to go back to Japan so badly T.T

  5. oh that Bonsai looks so pretty
    wonderful blog you got

  6. So many lovely windows. Warmth to you in your new home!

  7. Your new neighborhood looks really great! Have fun and I look forward to more awesome snaps! :D

  8. Oh Hiki, your photographs always make me yearn for Tokyo so...
    Is that bonsai shop really closed? What a shame, it is so magical. I would pay to just be in that shop all day.

  9. It looks like a fantastic neighbourhood, lucky you ! I love the decor of the bakery :)

  10. Looks lovely. Thank You for sharing the pictures!

  11. it's lovely as ever to be taken on a stroll around tokyo neighbourhoods with you! what a great area you are living in now.

  12. Happy sigh. What a lovely neighbourhood! Thank you for sharing ^.^

    - Renee

  13. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!
    oh my gosh, how lovely!


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