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Just as I thought I would have to let this year's sakura season go without fully enjoying it as I had been frustratingly too busy (plus I had to cancel a Hana-mi picnic party due to catching a cold, boo), I was so lucky and had a chance to go to a client meeting near Kamakura which is my favourite day-trip destination and one of the most popular areas to go see sakura near Tokyo. My client was so kind and drove me to the entrance of this most beautiful sakura filled hiking route of Kamakura-yama hill after the meeting. I had never been as far as Kamakura-yama but oh what an amazing place it was with beautiful streets, gorgeous views, and all the lovely houses! - reminded me of Sausalito. It is now my dream place to live, but I imagine you would have to be a millionaire to have a house in that exclusive area. When I walked down reaching the Kamakura Hase area, even though this has always been my favourite area it looked not so attractive to me any more, could be because there were so many people everywhere. But I really recommend you travelling further up to Kamakura-yama if you go to Kamakura, it is known as a great hiking spot and I think you can take a bus from Kamakura station.

Anyway, so I got to enjoy the last bit of this year's sakura in kind of a special way. It's sad that sakura blossoms only last for a couple of weeks, but that is why we can cherish it tremendously.

Happy Spring to you all!



  1. Thank you for all these pics of sakura season! From people like me, still dreaming of visiting during this magical time of year :)

  2. So beautiful. I am so inspired by your photos. Please keep posting! I'm going to Tokyo in Oct and I seriously can't wait!

  3. oh, the second photo from the end is so lovely! (and all the others also, of course)

  4. sooo beautiful!!!
    iina~! in kamakura! the ocean breeze nearby must have felt so good too while you were hiking!!
    it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!


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