Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Casa Gilardi

Another house, the last house Luis Barragán designed "Casa Gilardi" is also in Mexico City and although the Gilardi family are actually living in this house they let you see inside (partially) by appointments. The famous dining room with an indoor pool was quite amazing finally seeing in real life. There is a huge jacaranda tree in the courtyard where one of the walls is painted in the exact same colour of the jacaranda flowers. I imagined how beautiful it would be when jacaranda is all in full bloom. I must go back to see this city for the jacaranda season, all the streets lined with jacaranda trees must be so dreamy just like our sakura!


  1. It's so nice to come and see new pictures of mexico every time you add some, especially in this cold time of the year. I will visit these same places as soon as i will get the chance to be there. Happy Christmas days:-)

  2. I only discovered Luis Barragán's work earlier this week and am enthralled by his designs. How exciting to be able to visit a space he created!

  3. This looks beautiful. I grew up in Southern California with Jacaranda trees lining my block. We don't have them here in Colorado. I miss them.

  4. Oh my goodness, I was just watching a tv show about this architect two days ago! I had added these houses to my "must see" list. I love the pink and I have really started to develop a deep love for shadows and silhouettes of trees. Beautiful photos.


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