Sunday, 15 May 2011

Trip to Kurashiki #2

cafe el greco
Here are some photos from the second roll of film, solaris 400.

We had coffee at lovely ivy-covered cafe EL GRECO, my interior shots were poor but it was really nice inside also, high cealing, big windows, retro details and lovely smell of fresh coffee. (It had a counter that reminded me of an old sento.)

I think this roll was better than other ones it was the light leak and bad focus (photos i share here are the better ones i must admit, I have bad ones hidden :p ), but I just found out that I can fix the light leak problem by using the black electrical tape so I hope to try that next time. Thank you Jannese for the tip!! :)


  1. It really looks like a lovely place!

  2. i love your photos! <3 and you might not like the light leaks, but i adore the one in the last photo. (: it's such a beautiful place! xxx

  3. Breathtaking photos. Nice!

  4. Really nice pictures x

  5. Your photos are lovely. What a nice place to visit!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love the ivy covered exterior of the el greco cafe. I'm just finishing a roll on my new vintage camera and I have no idea how any of these photos will turn out..

  7. No worries. I have a bunch of vintage cameras too so I've had to find cheap fixes to problems like light leaks. But in photography light leaks and out of focus sometimes can add something wonderful to a photograph so think of it as another beautiful part of analog photography.

  8. These photos are so lovely!

  9. おおお~ ヽ(´ー`)┌ いい写真ですね。 Thank you for sharing. I use the solaris 400 for my canonet, it always turns out nice.

    Could I ask you if you use a film scanner or just scan manually? I want to start a cooking blog someday, but I like shooting with my natura classica not digital, and I notice your classica pictures also look nice online. :)


  10. your photographs are beautiful...

  11. Gorgeous photos, Japan is such a lovely country and I wish to have the chance to visit it some day.

    Greetings holiday apartment london

  12. Kurashiki is in Japan right? My friend told me that The Ohara Museum is the most impressive of Kurashiki's museums, exhibiting a large collection of works by famous Western artists.

  13. Yoriko san,
    Sorry for my slowest reply but I only noticed your comment now (after so many months)!
    You probably won't see this but I don't use film scanner but have them digitalised at the lab when I get my films developed.
    And I do use natura black but it is not classica, well almost the same thing anyway!

  14. Hello Avril,
    Yes Kurashiki is in western Japan. I did take some photos at the Ohara Museum but I didn't have time to go inside. Now I wish I did! It's the very first private museum in Japan for exhibiting works by western artists.

  15. Wow i love your photos so perfect..Thank you and i like shooting with my natura classica not digital..Thank's


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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