I'm a bit behind I know, the petals have already all fallen and it's all green with young leaves by now. I know they'd all look the same, every year I get so many photos that look almost the same, but it's just too hard to stop photographing! But oh what a beauty it all was. What a comfort it all has been!


  1. I never get tired of watching those magical photos !

  2. beautiful photographs Hiki, as always..
    take care ♥

  3. i am so happy that the sakura will never fail to come out and put smiles on everyones faces! it just amazes me how they never fail to show up every season...you can always count on them :-)
    they look like stars in the sky!
    white and bright an pure and beautiful

  4. ... so happy for you to see you can get so much beauty, against all odds, happy happy!
    and thanks, i never get enough of such sweetness either...

  5. I agree with you ! It's always beautiful !!!!!!

  6. gorgeous!!! makes me really miss japan... thank you for sharing!

  7. I like the photos too - I hope to see this with my own eyes some day!

  8. looks like snow,,

  9. hi hiki, i foud your blogs some days ago and i think, i will have a look from time to time.:) your photos with all the white, white flowers and so many white, white flowers looks like sooo lovely and beautiful. i can understand, that you can´t stop photographing! and how lucky, to love something so much, that makes you happy! greetings from berlin, lotte.

  10. *lespommettesduchat,
    That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you :)

    Thank you katy for your kind comments, as always!

    Yes it always seems so magical to me that what looked all just bear trees turn into something like these in just a couple of weeks! They will put smiles on people's faces up in the north Japan soon now :)

    *Bonjour Juliette,
    yes! happy happy, so happy! thank you :)

    Everywhere, everyday, every year, it's always amazingly beautiful isn't it!!

    *satsuki san,
    I bet they do make you miss Japan! I never feel more glad to be here in Japan than any other times in the year!!

    I'm glad you like the photos, but yes seeing this with your own eyes is definitely 100 times better so I hope you get to see it one day too! :)

    It does look like snow especially when the wind blows the petals away!!

    Thank you!!! :)

    Thank you for coming to my blog somehow and for leaving a kind comment! Danke!! :)

  11. I agree but these are so beautiful . Those are great moment to capture ^^

  12. thank you so much for sharing, they are so beautiful and lovely


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)