Tuesday, 5 April 2011

late march


charity gig

praying for sendai
shibuya station
Hello everyone. Today I have some photos to share :)

I didn't touch my cameras for 2 weeks after the quake (except some I did with my iPhone for instagram), I kind of lost all the motivation or passion for photography (or pretty much on everything else). But after the 2 weeks I loaded a new roll of film on my new old minolta which I had bought on online auction just before the quake. So here are some of my first shots with a new friend.

The second last photo is my niece Ako painting for people in Sendai. (She drew a cow and milk as she said they couldn't buy milk in Sendai before she left) She actually lives there herself but she was lucky enough to have been brought to Tokyo and she's been enjoying her spring holidays here. She will go back later this week as her new school year starts soon, I'm going to really miss her when she goes but she gives me another reason I must stay strong. (She has been helping me so much to keep going!)


  1. Cute photos. It still feels surreal.. Hard times, but I guess you need to keep strong..

  2. Hiki, be strong and get over the challenge bravely!

  3. These photos are so lovely. It's sweet that you get inspiration to carry on from your niece :)

  4. Hi Hiki, I love your pictures from your new old minolta, they are very beautiful. Let us try to hold on and look forward to the beautiful things in life. Your niece is such a sweetie, please take care.

  5. hiki, you got the Minolta! How are you liking it so far? I'm loving your pictures :)

    Glad to hear you are doing okay. Please take care!

  6. Beautiful story of young Ako drawing for people in Sendai and giving you strength. It looks like it feels good to make photographs again.

  7. I'm so sad and in shock about what happened to Japan too ! Take care Hiki. I like your pictures so much.

  8. Do you play the harp? I see one in your photos! And it's always nice to take a new old camera out :) Hope you and your loved ones will continue to be safe!

  9. I am happy to see some pictures here my dear. I have been thinking a lot about you.

  10. ganbatte, I have received your lovely tapes and I think of you and Japan every time I look at them.

  11. Ganbaru Nippon! My sentiments exactly.
    Keep strong Hiki-chan.

  12. oh, i am glad that you've got your loved ones keeping you strong. <3 i love these batch of photos, they are beautiful! xx

  13. Words are not easy... Anyway, i wish you to feel better soon...

  14. lovely lovely lovely photos <3
    im happy that youre finding strength to continue something you love, after all that pain...
    please continue to live well, がんばってください!

  15. actually, the French city where i went to college is twinned to Sendai,the towhall opened a donation account this is where i decided to donate.
    it breaks my heart what people have to endure there & in other part of Japan.
    to loose boost & artistic motivation with such a shock is natural, but if you feel like shooting again, it is a good sign, a sign of strenght. it will help.
    take care

  16. I love the third photo, because it seems like despite all the horrible things Japan has been through this last month, people are still brave enough and gather together to enjoy music and put aside everything else for that moment. In other words the photo gives me hope :]

    I'm a new reader to your blog, but I hope everything is fine with you there.

  17. I'm glad you're doing okay.. Your pictures are lovely as always :)

  18. I'm glad you're back, always love your photos.
    take care :)

  19. Shinya,
    I wake up every morning hoping it was all a long bad dream and that I can go back to how it was before but it's reality and it's hard. but yes, i will try to stay strong thank you for your warm wishes!

    Thank you, yes I will try!!!

    Yes my niece has been supporting me a lot I must admit! :)

    Thank you I'm happy you like these! Yes it's so true the world is so filled with beautiful things and it makes me cry but at the same time it gives me strength. Thank you for your warm words, always.

    yes I did!! I had to get it because of you!! Gosh I really love your photos. :)

    Ako is an amazing little thing to me I don't know how I would have been if she wasn't around! Yes it surely is nice to be taking photos, to want to take photos, to have what I can't help taking photos of!!

    Thank you, thank you so much for your warm words and kind thoughts. :)

    No no I don't play the harp, it was at a charity concert ;) Thank you for your kind words!

    Oh dear Marion you are really sweet. Thank you I feel a lot better now :)

    Lavender Playground,
    arigatou! and what a lovely comment that is you left! ganbarimasu.

    mizu designs,
    watashi mo ganbaru, Nipopn no tame ni!
    Thank you so much dear!

    Thank you so much, i'm so happy you like these photos. A kind comment like yours brings me back motivation!

    I know how you mean, thank you. I do feel better little by little everyday. :)

    because life goes on, life has to be kept going, ne ;)

    I really appreciate your kind act you made for Sendai. it's so sad this whole thing happened in japan breaks so many people's heart all over the world..... but it's just really amazing what tremendous support we receive from all over the world! thank you so much dear. :)

    Thanks for coming to my blog. Yes that photo was taken at a mini charity concert held at a shop nearby, so many people gathered in this small space and we listened to the music thinking of the people in the badly affected areas. It was so calm and relaxing. :)

    Thank you Narumi, it's been almost a year since you were here in tokyo no? Sakura is blooming so beautifully now :)

    at swim-two-birds,
    Thank you dear! your words make me want to go back to take more photos :)

  20. I share your sentiment. 何とか踏ん張りましょう、睡眠ちゃんととって下さいね。

  21. aiさん


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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