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rose bakery
rose bakery
rose bakery
rose bakery
rose bakery
rose bakery
Rose Bakery is in Tokyo now!

Looking at Tommy's lovely photos of Rose Bakery in Paris and London, I always dreamed of going to this cafe if I ever go to Paris or London again. How could I ever imagine there to be one in Tokyo? But yes there is, in Marunouchi.

Last week, I had a chance to see Stephanie who was back in Tokyo briefly and we met in Ginza. I thought it would be too western and not so interesting to take someone who was in Tokyo for a short visit, but it was the coldest day (it snowed!) and we just wanted to grab some hot drinks so we went. The cafe is actually inside a Comme des Garçons shop, and was designed by Rei Kawakubo -the designer of Comme des Garçons who apparently is sister-in-lows with Rose of Rose Bakery. (that explains!) It was nice, the orange&lemon cake we shared was so delicious, it's just that I wish it was somewhere closer to the area I normally hung out so I can visit more often. I actually thought that it would suit a lot better in the area like Aoyama/Omotesando than Marunouchi which is very business-like though has become become one of the major shopping areas now, but too bad.

More than anything, I had a really wonderful catching up with Stephanie and gosh it was such an inspiring afternoon it's great to meet and talk to someone who is amazingly creative, professional and full of ideas like herself!

Happy weekend to you all! ;)


  1. it definitely has a more minimalist and clean aesthetic than the two rose bakeries i visited in paris. you can definitely see the comme des garcons influence.

    lovely photographs, hiki!

  2. What a wonderful set of photos for the weekend, hope you' re having a good one!

  3. happy weekend to you too. hopefully with nice spring weather and not that much of cold :)

  4. Oh my Hiki, what wonderful pictures...I always dreamt of going to the Rose Bakery in Paris, after baking so many recipes out of their book (i love it) we have been to the one in the Dover Street Market..and now there is one in Tokyo..How amazing, I hope so much one day I can explore the cafe there and the wonderful city around it :)

  5. Oh ! Comme des garcons and Rose Bakery together ! Oh, I guess I am fainting... ;-)
    lovely shots Hiki as alawys...

  6. The name rang a bell but now I'll definitely make a point of going to Rose Bakery when I visit Paris this year. Thanks for the photos!

  7. That's explained why it feels like comme des garcon :-O

  8. eek.i didnt know.i got really fat cooking from their book but i have to go and try their carrot cake.thanks for letting me know (i think :-)

  9. danica,
    i'd really love to go to the ones in paris!!!
    lucky you ;)

    thank you, i had a lovely weekend, hope you did too :)

    we did have a nice spring like weather over the weekend, but now (monday morning) it is snowing and is all white outside! crazy isn't it!
    hope you had a lovely one too :)

    everyone is talking about their book! they have the japanese translated version and i almost bought it but didn't. maybe i should!

    hahaha yes wait till you come to tokyo and walk into it! (make sure you go with someone who can stand by you in case you faint!) ;)

    amy w - over and under,
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    Lucky you going to paris this year!

    yes it does explain doesn't it!

    yes i think you really need to go ;)
    their cakes were beautiful, the kind of cakes that are hard to find in tokyo, i need to go back to try their lunch!

    thank you!!! hope you had a wonderful sunday too ;)

  10. I used to work in marunouchi, but parts if it have changed so much I don't recognize it any more.
    you wouldnt know of a nice trendy, but child-friendly cafe around meguro, roppongi, or azabujyuban would you?


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