Thursday, 4 November 2010

Random Shots Around Ginza

ladies in kimonoginza in the evening
Ginza looks so pretty at night time with all the lights, but it looks extra pretty when it's raining at night.


  1. i bet Japan looks so heavenly during christmas too! it must be a nice feeling

  2. that looks like such a wonderful place

  3. I loved Ginza when I visited Tokyo. Especially the Godzilla statue.

  4. Hiki-san always takes such great photos!
    I am going to visit Ginza now when I go back to Japan!! :D

  5. OH MY!!! IS THIS JAPAN??? LOVELY!!!! :)

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  6. Thank you Ulrika!

    Aron, yes we see christmas trees and lightings everywhere and it looks really pretty!

    Barbara, this area is like the 5th avenue of new york, i never really go there for shopping but i love walking around there taking pictures!

    catface, hmmmm i don't know the Godzilla statue, i wonder where it is?? Could have been there only temporarily?

    Rina-chan, arigato you are so sweet! Ginza may not be such a fun place, things are expensive too but it's a nice area to walk around taking pictures! ;)

    L.A.PLAYLIST, yep this is japan, in tokyo!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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