ladies in kimonoginza in the evening
Ginza looks so pretty at night time with all the lights, but it looks extra pretty when it's raining at night.


  1. i bet Japan looks so heavenly during christmas too! it must be a nice feeling

  2. that looks like such a wonderful place

  3. I loved Ginza when I visited Tokyo. Especially the Godzilla statue.

  4. Hiki-san always takes such great photos!
    I am going to visit Ginza now when I go back to Japan!! :D

  5. OH MY!!! IS THIS JAPAN??? LOVELY!!!! :)

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  6. Thank you Ulrika!

    Aron, yes we see christmas trees and lightings everywhere and it looks really pretty!

    Barbara, this area is like the 5th avenue of new york, i never really go there for shopping but i love walking around there taking pictures!

    catface, hmmmm i don't know the Godzilla statue, i wonder where it is?? Could have been there only temporarily?

    Rina-chan, arigato you are so sweet! Ginza may not be such a fun place, things are expensive too but it's a nice area to walk around taking pictures! ;)

    L.A.PLAYLIST, yep this is japan, in tokyo!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)