Tuesday, 3 August 2010

something blue


Are you all enjoying summer? I hope you are!
Being in Tokyo it is not that easy, but I'm surviving....
Blue, I hoped these might soothe the heat somehow.


  1. nice blues.
    you know a few of the sakura leaves outside my window are yellow :-)

  2. これはいい写真ですね。 mo atsui desu ne. It is also very hot where I live.
    (- -); but your pictures cool me off. <:

  3. Lovely series of blue pictures !
    (I'm waiting an Instax Fuji 7s from Tokyo, a friend of my mother who was in Japan... I'm impatient !)

  4. i love your themed photos hikisan! summer is going good here, i hope the heat is not too unbearable for you! hope you find nice ways to cool off :-)

  5. Great idea... Maybe I need something orange or red, here in southern Brazil is soooo cold now!

    Beautiful blues Hiki! ;-)

  6. Always love your photos :-)

    It was very hot here in Bangkok the past months but it's beginning to cool down with all the rain now. Yesterday we had a storm so heavy that it shook our big mahogany tree!

  7. melinda,
    i am not surprised some sakura leaves turn yellow! the rain from the last couple of days hopefully helped a bit though.

    no we're not getting much rain right now, except it did the last couple of days after about 3 weeks!

    hontou ni atsui yo--! nihon no tabi wa tanoshikatta desu ka?

    Gali & Melanie,
    Thank you!! Blues do seem to help feeling a little cooler!

    arigato! i'm glad you like them ;)
    well the heat IS quite unbearable, but now i can feel a tiny bit that autumn is very slowly and slightly coming its way and that is a great relief!

    Ooooo I wish to be in southern brazil right now!!! I can't even remember what winter was like ha ha.

    thank you! wow the storm sounds like it was really big! the typhoon season will be here soon too!

  8. just came across your blog...
    that photo with the mirror is amazing!
    i have similar mirror photos on my blog as well.

    have a nice day! :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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