Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kurumi no ki - Nara


I took a VERY quick trip to Nara and Kyoto last week, it was so rushed that I could visit only very few places. Kuruminoki is a lovely little shop & cafe that is set in sweet little cottage like buildings. Although it is not so conveniently located - a bit out from the central Nara area, it's been there since they opened it 25 years ago when all these now-very-popular natural style cafes and zakka shops weren't even seen in Tokyo. Kuruminoki had been on my list of places I want to go to for some years and I finally made it and.... I instantly LOVED it, the shop, cafe, the gardens, the whole atmosphere were just perfect!

I had a beautiful lunch in there, though I had to wait for over an hour to be seated. I know it's crazy but I had no choice other than to wait coming all the way from Tokyo for it. But actually, I could spend hours there sitting at the bench reading a book, it's just so nice being there! I don't know why there is no place like that close to me really. I will definitely go visit there again when I go to Nara next time. If you have some extra time in Nara, please do try going there.

567-1 Horen-cho Nara City (google map)
You can take a bus #13 from Nara station and get off at "Kyoiku-dai Fuzoku Chugakko", Kuruminoki is right near the railroad crossing.


  1. I LOVE your photos. I must buy one one day.

  2. what a nice place! me too, i would wait for an hour to have a seat :-)
    your photos are great!

  3. So nice.
    You take amazing photos.


  4. waiting for an hour really is tokyo-nami!
    but it looks like the perfect spot so i guess well worth the wait.
    looking at all those trees i feel like i can hear the semi chirping!

  5. oh my gosh, what a lovely place!
    such beautiful japanese adventures you take me on :-)

  6. It's so beautiful, so peaceful...

  7. I thought 'Oooh noo!' as I've just visited Nara and had no idea this gem existed! Hopefully someday....they even sell my favourite naiad lip balm...*is sad*

  8. Aaaah, こういう店大好き!I want to go back to Nara and Kyoto sooon....

  9. the dyptique is very beautiful.

  10. So lovely Hiki-san! I'll put it on my list for my trip later in the year.

  11. I just found your blog and I absolutely love your photos. It's the next best thing to living in Tokyo


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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