pink x yellow
I'm enjoying to see all the pretty autumn photographs at everyone's blogs lately. Tokyo is still quite green and I have to wait a bit longer before it gets all yellow and red and beautiful.
This photo is from last year, sometime in December, it was so pretty that i had to stop to photograph. Isn't it cheerful?

And thank you for all the sweet comments to my previous post. Reading them made me smile and I do feel much better now :) Maybe it's the fatigue, I worked so hard the last couple of weeks, and perhaps it's just one of those days. But I do really appreciate your kind words. Hope your weekends are joyful!

Oh, by the way, have you seen at-swim-two-birds' lovely pillows (this, this and this!) at new mieke willems online shop? If not, please do!!



  1. Hiki !!!!!
    Such lovely colours on this pictures. WOW. Splendid.

    Yep, try to relax. Life can be hard, try to enjoy, relax, spend time for you. It's going to be better after...


  2. i would love to see leaves change colours one day. we have no dramatic seasons at all, haha

  3. Hello Hiki, It is good that you are feeling better now. We all have up and downs:) I guess you know some 汉字 and that is why I wrote 加油 to your previous post:) Wish you have a good start of the week! Thanks for your message to my blog.

  4. hi! nice photographs! and thanks for the mention!

  5. This was just the perfect photograph to see today to make me smile big. Wonderful!

  6. what a lovely lovely image. very cheerful! i am very glad you are feeling a bit better - ups and downs, highs and the 6th photo in your previous post on the kamogawa in kyoto? it reminds me of it very much - my favourite thing in kyoto almost - the way the river runs through the city....

  7. i love that site!! it takes everything i've got not to just buy everything in their shop! so glad you are feeling better... *

  8. Hi Marion,
    I was very lucky because just after i took this photo all these leaves on the ground were swept away!! and yes, i'm trying to spend time just for myself and is good ;) merci!

    Hi Aron,
    Yes I have lived in a part of the world where there is only one season (summmer) so I know what you mean. But as it is getting cold I envy you!!!

    Hi feian,
    Yes, I can read some chinese characters though 汉字 is simplified version so I can only guess what it means. and 加油 would mean something totally different in Japanese, but I had studied Chinese before so luckily I could understand ;)

    Hi mieke willems,
    I'm so happy that you have an online shop now so I can look at all those lovely things you have! but still I really do want to go visit your actual shop so badly!

    Hi alexandria,
    What you just said made me smile big! Thank you!

    Hi Bree,
    Yes we all have that don't we!
    and yes your guess is perfect, it is kamo-gawa! I love how the river runs thourgh the city in Kyoto too, but I also love it because it reminds me of Melbourne. I lived in the south east area of melb and I really loved how the yarra river runs through it, oh writing this makes me miss melbourne!!

  9. hiki hi! i hope you are well, this photo brightens my day. :)

  10. I love this photo Hiki. So glad to hear you feel better.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)