Thank you so much for those who left comments and concerns to my previous post about typhoon hitting Japan. Around after lunch time it passed Tokyo and the sun even came out (after so many days!) and it turned out to be a rather beautiful day, only VERY windy. I took this photo just a couple of hours earlier and couldn't believe how beautiful and clear the sky was after all that hustle in the morning! I should have taken a photo then too so I could compare...oh well next time maybe though I hope NO MORE TYPHOON at least until next late summer.

While Tokyo was being hit by a powerful typhoon;
it was snowing (!!!) with only 6 degrees in missoula montana where Jenna lives, a perfect cold but sunny autumn day in gothenburg, sweden where Michaela is, a sunny-then-cloudy, then-sunny-then-cloudy-and-cool "spring" day (sounds like a typical Melbourne weather ;) ) in Melbourne the home of mizu designs, cold but sunny in Oxford where Alice (who I think will be coming to Japan soon!?) is, "hot and humid" says Aron in Hawaii, and a warm sunny beautiful weather of Southern France where Marion is made me so jealous!!!

Oh i loved hearing about the weather comments from all over the world!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday evening!! (I will be continuing to work, got too much on hands right now :(


  1. oh, that's good! nice to hear. thanks for the link. i truly wish i were living in berlin (love it!), but i'm from sweden, gothenburg. ;)

  2. Many parts of Asia are being 'plagued' by typhoons! What's happening? Even my original home, the Philippines, was hit by 2 devastating storms and left a sea of water. Then the tsunamis in Samoa, and wasn't there a warning for some parts of Indonesia also?

    Glad to know you are well :)

  3. oh what a lovely post. i'm so glad things have settled down over there. it's so beautiful to see those weather comps all bound together in the same paragraph. well done, that. take good care. *

  4. hi michaela,
    of course it's gothenburg not berlin, i just changed it there ;p thanks for that and also for your comments ;)

    hi jen,
    yes there was a huge earthquake in Indonesia. i think all these disasters happen around the world at the same time and it's a big worry isn't it :(

    hi tifanie,
    thank you! yes we're having a beautiful morning here so unlike same time yesterday. i went to the post office after the typhoon has passed yesterday so your package will be safe ;)

  5. 無事で何より!
    fingers crossed that none of us get wind swept by any more typhoons! (esp the philippians!!)

    although, some say that the one attacking the philippians may come to hong kong next week...

  6. I am happy to know you are ok !!!
    And this post with everybody's weather was a lot of fun.
    Sorry I made you jealous !
    But coincidence or not, we had a terrible storm/rain/thuder last night. It was like apocalypse now.
    So scarry.

  7. happy to read these good news...

  8. ooh im glad youre ok!
    i saw on the news too and i imediatley thought of you friends in japan from online relationships!
    i like how you compared everyones weather around the world. thats so cool! hahah thanks for the mention :-)

  9. glad to hear it was not too big a one and everyone ok...maybe typhoons are a bit of a fact of life in japan? but still so scary and ominous in the sky...and with such sad things going on in the pacific...

    that is such a lovely thing, to compare the different weathers! the best type of weather reports, and makes it all so interconnected in some way:)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)