If you are a fan of Haruki Murakami, Tony Takitani is a must-see film. It's one of a very rare films that is based on Murakami's story. (I actually don't know any other ones except the coming Norwegian Wood by Tran Anh Hung.) And it's one of my favourite Japanese films!

Though Tony Takitani doesn't have such a big recognition even in Japan, it was shown at film festivals all over the world and it received many awards. It is really beautiful and the mood it has is airy and dreamy with the music by Ryuichi Sakamoto working perfectly well. More than anything, it is so well made that the feel of the original Murakami's story/his world is right there in the entire film as the moving images. It is amazing! Apparenty Tony Takitani is in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman in the English version book. So read the story (it's a short story, easy to read!) and then see the film is my recommendation.

Take a peek at this official US trailer:


  1. this film is very beautiful, you can literally pause at any second and it looks like an amazingly beautiful photograph. and i like the casting as well


  2. what?? i didnt know this film but it looks great!

  3. Oh my! I have to link this! Hope you don't mind...

  4. oh, I love Murakami, and I just found Tony Takitani on netflix and have added it to my viewing list, it looks amazing. thanks for the recommendation, I look forward to seeing it!

  5. this is such a beautiful movie! i was lucky enough to have seen it in a class in college an it still sticks with me today. especially the part where he washes his hair. my teacher said that signified cleansing and i think about that when i wash my hair...

  6. Hiki,
    I'm going to post about your store & blog tomorrow on my blog.I received your package in the mail last week and I love everything!!

    I had forgotten about this movie (never saw it when it came out)...thanks for reminding me :)


  7. Good Morning, hiki. ^-^
    really, i should find this movie and see it.!!
    thank you. ^0^

    (ah- i've left a couple of comments with a name - essie.L before, if you remember me. hehe- :D)

  8. hi o l y!
    yes, the casting is actually REALLY good, and also the stuff!

    hi yasu,
    i don't know why but it wasn't talked about much in Japan so i'm not surprised if you didn't know about it. it was shown at a very small(at the time) independent theatre so maybe it wouldn't be popular here.

    hi Jeanne,
    no of course i don't mind! thank you ;)

    hi christine,
    this film is like a set of beautiful photographs so i hope you will enjoy it!

    hi Anna,
    wow you saw this in a class!? that's so cool! i can't remember the part where he washes his hair, i need to watch it again!

    hi Jennifer,
    i'm so glad you like what you got!!! and thank you so much for posting about my store that is wonderful i must check it!!

    hi GON,
    ah yes!! of course I recognise "essie.L"!!
    thanks ;)

  9. I have no idea who these people are...have to do some police detective work to understand

  10. thanks for the recommendation. the actress looks really familiar. is she well known in japan?
    i wonder where i've seen here before..?

  11. mmmh, love the pictures of this film... the atmosphere, the colors!
    thank you hiki for all the fabulous things i discover here!

  12. I am so happy that I've found this blog. I am a huge Japanese culture fan from Istanbul after visiting Japan for 2 months! I have finished a Murakami just yesterday, downloading this film will be enjoyable. Love

  13. This film looks great! and your blog is amazing, i love it!!!!!

  14. I love Murakami and these images are gorgeous. I need to see this.

  15. hi Baron's Life,
    All these people are all quite famous, you should get your report back pretty fast ;)

    hi Mary,
    Her name is Rie Miyazawa and yes she's very famous here, she's been in many movies but I wonder which movie you saw her in, I believe she's only in Japanese movies.

    hi lovepics,
    you are so welcome, I am very happy that any of what i post here can please you ;)

    hi La,
    wow you were in Japan for 2 months! which parts of Japan did you visit? Hope you enjoy the film! :)

    hi la casita de wendy ,
    thank you for visiting my blog! I'm happy you found it ;)

    hi The Wanderers' Daughter,
    This film is really artistic, you will enjoy it so I hope you can see it somehow ;)

  16. Ah, it sounds interesting, I have added it to my rental list.

  17. i saw this at a festival in norway almost two years ago. as a fan of murakami, is was really amazed by how well the story translated from page to picture - it's not an easy feet to capture murakami's style! (i really hope tran ahn hung manages the same with NW, it's my favorite!)

    do you know of any store in tokyo that sell tony takitani on DVD? i've heard it's exceptionally difficult to find..


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