I looooooooove macarons! Especially the ones from pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris.

Sadaharu Aoki is one of the most successful Japanese patissiers who has beautiful boutiques both in Tokyo and Paris. (The boutique is all white and really lovely but they don't allow photographs so no images.) He's famous for using green tea "macha" for everything he makes, well green tea macarons aren't new at all now, but how about Genmaicha(玄米茶)or Hojicha(ほうじ茶)? Maybe they've been around for a while but I had them for the first time and they were lovely! This time I chose all tea flavours: Macha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Earl Grey, Kuro-goma (black sesame) and Salt Caramel. Well I know the last two are not tea, but Kuro-goma sounded nice and Salt Caramel was to add a bit of colour... Oh I'm so in love with these tea flavour macarons, I need to go back there soon!!

In Tokyo, you can find pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris at Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi), Shinjuku Isetan and Shin-Kokusai Building (Marunouchi).


  1. What a coincidence, I was just thinking of posting about macarons! I absolutely love macarons. When we were in Paris, I spent 45 Euros for a box of macarons in Laduree. Then I went to other patisseries like Lenotre and Gerard Mulot for more macarons! Do you think I am obsessed? :) Too bad macarons don't travel well, or else I would have mailed some to myself!

  2. OH...they look divine...I could gobble a few of those up.
    Love your Blog...I hope you'll visit ours, we have a Giveawy going on!

  3. oh, these look wonderful! your post is perfect timing--i am on my way to paris this weekend and even though we already have a few other places to try their macarons maybe we'll have to find this one too :)

  4. i have a confession: i have never eaten one of those before :-(

  5. jen laceda,
    I don't think you're obsessed because I'm exactly like you! or maybe we ARE both obsessed! :P
    In tokyo we have Laduree, Lenotre, Pierre Herme, JEAN-PAUL HEVIN, etc etc... so it's kind of a problem... But macarons I bought from Laduree in Paris were the best! (haven't tried Laduree in Tokyo yet)

    Yes it won't be that hard to do that I can tell you! ;)

    Lucky you going to Paris! Actually green tea eclair from this shop is wonderful too, so if you get a chance please do try!

    mizu designs,
    deshoooo! ;)

    Make it Easy,
    well, I think you're rather lucky! You can enjoy your very first bite of macaron one day!

  6. so cute! i love how you captured the fun of colorful macaroons!

  7. I'M A MACARON ADDICT! here (geneva) we only have ladurée, but i would love to discover the sahadaru aoki flavours...

  8. lovepics, ah there's another macaron addict here :) hope you can try the ones from sadaharu aoki one day!


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