The summer issue of the food lifestyle magazine Ukatama うかたま is featuring "genmai玄米" -brown rice. To us Japanese, rice is something we can't live without. We eat rice everyday, sometimes 3 times a day - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's mostly white rice we eat, but it's becoming very "in" to eat brown rice these days. And of course it's good for you. There are so many recipes for brown rice meals in this issue of Ukatama and is very inspiring too.

And exciting news! I won a surprise prize for Hello Greenie! It's World Environment Day! Special Hello Sandwich Eco Giveaway! from lovely Ebony! from Sydney! Yay! I will tell you more about it when I receive my special gift ;)


  1. oh wow - that magazine looks so great, now i will have to ask kangakanga here if they have that one:) genmai - hoorah!

  2. that magazine! so perfect..oishiso......

  3. Oh! You are soo cute Miss! And that looks OISHIIIIIIII! Tabetai!
    I will send you your lovely prize on the weekend! Yay!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  4. Bree - I would have loved it if kangakanga was there when I was in Melb! If they don't have this mag I can scan the recepi pages and send as PDF for you if you like ;)

    yasu - oishiso desho? by the way I found a cafe called "guenmai" in Paris, apparently they have genmai meals there, do you know it?

    Ebony - No you are the cutest & sweetest! Hontoni arigato ;)

  5. what a great magazine!
    is japanese brown rice sticky too? :)

  6. that magazine makes me hungry...yum.

  7. My background is Chinese & Filipino! I eat rice or some kind of carbs at least 2x a day! I haven't tried sushi made of brown rice, but that would be so interesting as I am used to the taste and texture of white rice on sushi! I am not sure if Chinese food can switch over to brown. It would be interesting to see that as well!

  8. Congratulations on the award...well deserved...that food presentation and pictures look superb and make me hungry.
    My favorite Japanese food is Iwashi, Gohan and Natto.
    Iwashi ichi ban iskedes.

  9. oh yeah i know that place! it's quite close to where i live.. but ive never had any meals there. i just went inside and decided not to eat looked quite expensive.. maybe ill try next time though!

  10. Mary - Japanese brown rice is not that sticky, depends how you cook it I guess. But here we say we should change what to cook it with and the amount of water to put in in winter and summer, so how the brown rice gets sticky or not could depend on the climate too.

    Anna - yes i know!!! it makes me hungry flipping the pages!

    jen laceda - what you can see in these images are not sushi but "nigiri" rice balls. I haven't had brown rice sushi and I wondered if there is any, but actually there is! maybe I should try too!!

    Baron's Life - wow your Japanese.... sugoi!! And you like iwashi, gohan and natto!?!? well you could certainly live here! Iwashi oishi des ne ;)

    yasu - You live in a nice area! I took a photo of that place not realising the name of it, and later I saw it in the magazine and found out it was genmai cafe!

  11. I love your site. I prefer brown rice, too. Those all look so delicious!

  12. I love genmai and am so envious that you have access to all those lovely recipes :)

  13. Aron - oishi sou desho ;)

    Stephanie - thank you for visiting my blog! I had a quick look at your blog, you take beautiful photos! I will go back for better look later. thank you :)

    mizu designs - I can scan & pdf the recipe pages and send it to you, so let me know if you like!!

  14. it's lunch time here... everything looks sooo delicious, that i'm really hungry now ;-))


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