Kamakura is known as a city of "ajisai" - hydrangeas and now is the best time for them. And yes that was the main purpose of my visit. You can find them just about evrywhere around the city but the Hase Area has many temples that are famous for hydrangeas, Hasedera Temple is one of the most famous and popular ajisai spot but it gets too busy and puts me off... But I can tell you that the Jojuin Temple (成就院) is a perfect spot! A lot less people, no entrance fee! (above bottom 4 photos are from Jojuin )

I don't think I've seen so many hydrangeas in one day!! and the variety is superb!!!

*Kamakura City Official Website (English)


  1. great blog! i will be coming back here!

  2. What a beautiful country. I found your website by mistake, but I will be back. How interesting. Beautiful pictures. Hi, from Houston, Texas!

  3. when i visited japan i was so surprised that it was so green. and the green was different than anywhere i have seen.

  4. these are fantastic shots and i agree with monaka about the green being so unique in japan.

  5. Hello Agata, Baron's Life, ii-ne-kore, Make it Easy,
    THANK YOU ;)

    Hello isabelkhan,
    How lucky am i to be found by mistake!! Thank you!

    Hello monaka & lottie,
    I hadn't really thought about the green in japan being unique, but you might be right. The colour of the green is different, and the light too i suppose.

  6. beautiful, hiki!
    the third picture looks like paradise, and i love the mosaïc!
    wish you a happy week-end

  7. Hi lovepics!
    yes what you see in the third picture was really like a paradise.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend over there ;)

  8. just gorgeous, hiki! i love this.


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