I'm from tokyo but I'm not really good at all the hustle and bustle of the city. I'd say no thank you to the crowds in Shibuya or Shinjuku, or the famous (and crazy) packed trains during "rush hours" luckily because I work at home.
Nakameguro -2 stops from Shibuya and Jiyugaoka -7mins from Nakameguro, the area I live in are good quieter places for walks and shopping.

01. 1LDK - Nice little concept shop of men's fashion.
   1-8-28-1a kamimeguro meguro-ku tokyo 153-0051
02,03 Five Star Cafe -Singaporean cafe where nice breeze comes in.
    3-12-4 kamimeguro meguro-ku tokyo
04,05 cloth & cross -new shop selling linen products for homewares and clothing.
    2-14-11 jiyugaoka meguro-ku tokyo
06. Kosoan -Japanese "wa" cafe in a very traditional style house.
   1-24-23 jiyugaoka meguro-ku tokyo
07. six -charming little french stationary & zakka shop
   2-8-13 jiyugaoka meguro-ku tokyo
08,09 Found -sells antique furniture


  1. i like the composition in the second one a lot. how you get the ceiling in and just a little bit of the people's heads.

  2. your neighbourhood looks perfect!
    i think i might do the same - do a post on my area :)
    wouldn't it be lovely to swap neighbourhoods for a week!

  3. >Anna,
    I think I took that photo trying not to show their table because it was messy or something :p
    but I'm glad it came out nicely and that you like it!

    I love your neighbourhood too, and it would indeed be lovely to swap for a week!!

    Oh poor thing... am I being too cruel showing you all these to make you miss home.. well think of all the not-so-nice things about home like ojisan spitting on the street or obasan pushing you away in the crowds!? oh i'm sorry but hope that put a little smile on your face somehow..

  4. oh no i love every post in your blog! its exciting and encouraging to think about the next time ill be there. hehehe ojisan and obasan can be very meiwaku:) and the rush hour train! although i never experienced that in fukuoka

  5. wow, what an excellent little mini-guide! beautifully evocative of the place:) can i ask what camera etc you use for your photos?? i really love your light....

  6. Such a great post - thank you! And loved that link to the youtube clip about rush hour :)

  7. absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos!
    thank you for sharing.
    im so glad to be blog friends with someone who actually LIVES in tokyo! for us Japan lovers, you are our eyes to an amazing place we crave :-)

  8. dear hiki!
    i've just discovered your award, thank you so much!!
    it's such a great honour, coming from you, you know!
    i wish you a beautiful day...

  9. Hiki,
    You take the quirkiest photos, but they work! I love the tone of your photographs! Something very vintage about them!

  10. >yasu
    you are lucky not to have experienced that rush hour train ;)

    >Baron's Life
    Thank you!!

    These are taken with a compact camera by Fujifilm called Natura with an Italian film called Solaris :)

    >mizu designs
    Isn't that a big laugh that youtube clip!!! :D

    >Make it Easy
    Thank you, that's sweet ;)

    Pleasure!! I've noticed that you've moved your blog, I must re-bookmark it ;)

    >jen laceda
    Thank you :) This new Italian film seems to show kind of a vintage look, I'm still experimenting...

  11. Hi hiki!
    I love your photos on this page.
    What kind of camera do you use?
    i like nakameguro and jiyugaoka too.
    i look forward to reading your blog.

  12. what a lovely blog!

    it seems you live in a really nice neighborhood. when i visited tokyo last may i didn't really like Shibuya but i fell in love with the areas near Kichijoji st and Shimo-kitazawa. so so nice!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)