Ajisai (hydrangea) from my potted garden at the front door is now finally all pink and that means our rainy season is almost here.


  1. I think we are just at the end of our rainy season...and it has been oh-so-much rainier than usual! But it has made for beautiful flowers. Love these pinks.

  2. How unusual that the color of your hydrangea would indicate a seasonal change. Where I live (in the Deep South of the U.S.), the acidity of the soil determines whether blooms will be pink or blue, and in many places, they actually are more a lavendar color. Of course, these would be plants rooted in the outdoor soil and not pots. I love your blog because it is beautiful but also because I learn so much. Thank you.

  3. Hello The Wanderers' Daughter,
    I guess it's good that you get more rain around where you live, but oh here in tokyo it rains and rains and rains..... for about a month in the rainy season. It's been all wet ALL day but I hear our rainy season hasn't started yet!

    Hello Aron,
    it's good isn't it! :)

    Hello Jean P.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes it's same here how the colour of the hydrangea flower is determined by the acidity of the soil! I only bought it last year so I didn't realise but the flower has no colour (or just very pale green as it shows in the photos) and the pink gradually comes out as they grow!

  4. beautiful! i love this whole different ends of the globe thing - your ajisai sateiru, we are in momoji season. ii ne:) thankyou for a lovely love floral post.

  5. i adore these flowers, we call them "hortensia" in french...
    i also love when they are cut and "dry"...

  6. ii-ne-kore,
    Oh you made me miss Melbourne, I used to love how the city looks extra beautiful in momiji season!

    I loooove the sound of "hortensia"! Très très joli!!

  7. I'm just loving your blog!!

    These photos of hydrangea remind me of the lovely hydrangea icecream in Hakone at this time of year. Today in Melbourne it is 8 degrees C - summer seems along way away still!!

  8. Hi Jeanne,
    Thank you for visiting - so lovely to hear from someone in Melbourne!! I haven't heard of "hydrangea icecream" but I am soooo curious! Now you told me about it I feel I really have to try it.

    8 degrees in Melbourne does sound quite cold. brrrrr. Keep warm!


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