I love PAUL & JOE BEAUTE package designs! I just went into one of their shops the other day to get a lip stick and was so charmed at these little cute floral pattened packages - the little box for the lipstick, little sachet of UV cream sample and a paper bag!
They do have (even more) special limited collections twice a year which I haven't got a chance to get one yet. I should look out for the next autumn collection release! Following are my favourites from the past collections.


  1. I love Paul & Joe as well, although we don't have a store here in Toronto. We can only get their products at Sephora.
    Their packaging reminds me of a store here in Toronto called the Japanese Paper Place. They have the most beautiful papers there! Similar to the ones above! So luscious...

  2. These are great! I didn't realize. I don't buy a lot of cosmetics, but I'm a sucker for an artfully-designed package. It's all in the presentation, isn't it?


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