A package arrived out of blue a few days before my birthay from my best friend. I was just so caught by this most beautiful package - paulownia wood box (which is commonly used in Japan for traditional packaging) with exclusive hand painting on top! The pink string bundled is done in the way they do on obi of kimonos and the colour is working perfectly as well.

I was so overwhelmed by its fabulous presentation but inside there were 3 different types of exclusive honey which I absolutely loved!!

This special hand painted box is only available from HACCHI's Shinjuku Takashimaya store.


  1. Hi Hiki! :) I've just discovered your blog and I'm really loving it!! Looking through your posts from a long time back. I've always found that the Japanese are the BEST when it comes to packaging. How precious is that hand-painted box! Lovely.

    1. Hi Lynnette,
      Thank you for your comment on this past post, this was truly the most beautiful packaging ever now I wonder where I have kept it......??? I must find it soon!


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