Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Purist.

All above images are from The Purist

Hello there! How were your New Year holidays? I hope your New Year all started out well :) Day 1 of 2013, I slept in. So I missed my ozoni and dashed off to parents home... Good start isn't it.

Don't worry I will not go on and tell you all about my boring New Year Holiday story but instead I thought I would share some really beautiful art that I discovered a little while ago. Words are something I am not good at creating (out of many things), obviously and especially in English language, but The Purist does it so beautifully. To me these words look as if they are singing or dancing, I can not put well but I think you know what I mean by looking at these prints.

These prints are all letter-pressed using an antique press and vintage woodblocks in the English countryside by Jamie Harris and Andrew Morrison. Here is what they say:

Deep in the English countryside, where the air hints of wild flowers and wood-smoke, lies a tiny studio between two woods, in which thoughts are captured, transformed into words, played with or asked politely to leave. 

Wouldn't it be lovely to have one of these prints framed and have it in your own room? You can see and purchase all of their prints here.

* * *

少し前に見つけたとても美しい言葉がならべられた「The Purist 」という2人組、Jamie HarrisAndrew Morrisonによる活版印刷のアートプリントです。イギリスの田舎町のスタジオで、アンティークの活版印刷機とヴィンテージの木製活字を使ってひとつひとつ刷られたのだそうです。最初に目にした時、とても感動したので、こちらでシェアすることにしました。「言葉」は私にとって創り出すことがうまくできないたくさんのものの中のひとつなので、一枚どれかを額に入れて自分の家に飾って楽しめたらいいなあ、と狙っているところです。こちらから購入できますので、気になる方はぜひ。

The Purist


  1. I really want to hear the New Year Holiday story! I bet that's not boring at all! On the contrary I bet!

    1. I really wish I could tell some interesting story from my Oshogatsu...! This year it was without otoso, ozoni, nanakusa-gayu.... I missed all the usual New Year things this year. At least I went to hatsumoude!! Hee hee ;)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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